Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Recipe day

Friday is recipe share day.

Last night we had sour cream chicken enchaladas.  

  1. Use a cup of shredded or diced  up cooked chicken breast .   
  2. Mix cooked chicken with grated cheese.  I usually keep Mexican blend on hand, 
  3. Place chicken mixture on a flour tortilla in a line close  to one side.   Roll the tortilla up and place in a greased baking pan, side by side.(9X13) 
  4. In a saucepan on the stovetop, melt 3 T butter and add 3T flour.   Cook roux slightly to take away the flour taste.  Add two cups chicken or vegetable stock and whisk  until thickened.   
  5. Take pan off the heat and add 1/2 cup sour cream.   Stir until blended 
  6. Add a can of diced mild green chilies, drained.   
  7. Pour sauce over enchiladas, sprinkle with  more,cheese  and bake at 375 for 20 minutes . 
Dairy free?   
Use a little sauce and some chopped cooked broccoli, well drained to the chicken.   Omit the sour cream in the sauce.   

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Winco haul with prices

Wimco short haul

Yoplait yogurt 8pack 3.68-100 coupon is 2.68
Tortilla chips 2.38 - extra large bag
Grape tomatoes .99
Betty Crocker apple cider cupcake mix - .98
Green grapes 198 lb
Mission corn tortillas 1.28
Bag of chocolate "rice crispier" 6.37

Total 24.45

Most of our grocery  hauls are between 25-30  a trip.   I average two stores a week.
This trip was to fill in the blanks,    We bought the cup cake mix last week.  It's .98 and has the mix for cupcakes and a frosting  packet.   Add oil, water and egg.    The rice crispies are for treats and are long term storage.   I try to keep one snack in the house, baked.   We always have fresh fruit.  

This week we dehydrated  eggs.  I haven't tried using them yet, I will before I do any more.    It pays to have  a back up plan.   Sunday, before we went to Freddies., granddaughter wanted pancakes.   I had nonfresh milk left.   Instead of running to the local store and laying full price or bothering the neighbors to bum a cup of milk, we made mom fat dry milk up and it worked.   I just measured the dry milk with the dry ingredients and added the liquid to the liquid ingredients,   Easy fix.  

Bullet Day - 10 things to make ; save money

This is ten  things that you can make in 15 minutes or less

  • Cream soup base -3-4 ingredient recipe- saves cream soup at the cost of at least a dollar.    
  • Taco seasoning - and you get just the amount of heat you want,   
  • Croutons - why pay for someone else's dry bread :also bread for dressing . 
  • Bread crumbs: they can cost as much as 2.40 and who knows how long they have been in the store.   
  • Refrigerater bread,    Hands on time about 15 minutes - about a tenth of the cost of a bakery loaf.   
  • Cocoa mix 
  • Muffin mix 
  • Baking mix 
  • Gravy instead of a jar or mix 
  • Cupcakes - cupcakes were six dollars a dozen for small cupcakes.   

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Safeways 15 percent off with basket coupon. Haul

Safeways had a 4.00 off of 25.00 basket coupon and in ad coupons,
Spent 22.40 net

Pasta sauce - 24 ounces .84
Bread -2 loaves .84 total .42 each
London broil, net 2.35 a pound,  I made stew meat of it that was 5.99 a pound .   Savings of 3.64 a pound.
Hamburger was 1.69 a pound net.   I fried and de- boned  it.   Net six meals.   .82 a meal

1 lb  cod - wild - 4.25

A lot of protein for 22.40.  The "stew" meat alone would have been 24.00.


The ads - no mail ads, these are from the internet


Just 4 you coupon 4.00 off 25.00

Strawberries 3.48 -2 lbs
1/2 Pork loin 1.69
Bread 2/1
Pasta sauce in glass .99@@
Peanut butter/preserves 2/5@@
Brewers 2.99@@
DiGiorno 4.99@@
Oatmeal canister 1.99@@


Draper valley whole chicken .88
Strawberries 3/4
Chunky soup, .99$$
Large sour cream/ cottage cheese 2/5
Pork loin 1/2 1.99
Grapes 1.99
Romas or sweet onions .99
Ground turkey 7 percent 3.99 ( note ground beef is 3.28 for 7 percent )

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ideas day - Tuesday

 They see that Americans waste 50% of their food. If you add the fact that 50% of your food cart consists of  snacks and drinks, that would be a  hundred percent of your food. There's something wrong with those statistics. We however all know  and a lot of food is wasted in our country. Part of it is that we fill  plates  for our children and they eat  only part  of what's given to them. Use smaller plates and give them half of a portion. If they want more, give them more.  Another idea is to cut smaller children's sandwiches into shapes and save the bread scraps for bread pudding, bread crumbs , or croutons i.e. Dressing.   Portion control.

Find ways to use leftovers  in such a manner that you  don't know you're eating leftovers. I made chili  one day.  Two days later, the chilli became the topping for nachos after drained  it.    I added cheese, black olives, peppers.

 Chili can also be revisited with rice. Leftover rice can't be put in tomato soup.  Tomato-based sauces can't be added to soups or stews.

 Leftover vegetables can be added to soup.  The ends of the carrots and celery can make veggie stock or be addd to bones t make meat stock.   Of ylumdomt have  bought veggiesmr bines, save them up in the freezer.   Freeze in ice cube trays or a freezer bag,   Bags are best frozen sitting on a cardboard from the recycle bin,    Otherwise, it is hard to get it off the metal grate shelf of the freezer.

 Leftover hotdogs can't be sliced into coins and added to beans.

 Leftover chicken pieces and be quesadillas, burritos, chicken pot pie, chicken soup, chicken tacos ,  chicken noodle casserole.

 If you have an abundance of sour cream, you can put it in almost anything that calls for milk. Sometimes you need to dilute it with some water or milk.  Some  muffin recipes call for Greek yogurt. Sour cream is a good substitute. I have also added  sour cream to scrambled eggs.

 Sausage crumbles Can be  added to a quiche, leftover bits can be added to a pizza, or added to a pasta sauce or scrambled eggs.

Bits of veggies and chicken bones can become chicken stock.   Chicken stock is a couple of bucks a quart.   That two dollars can buy a couple of chicken breast.  

Think what can I do with this before you throw anything away.  The other mantra is keep a close look on the pantry and fridge to make sure you are eating things before they spoil.    Rotate canned stock.
Yes, this takes some time, but the reward is money in the bank and your family will eat better.

I now have it to the point where if I get a pan of bread in the oven. My husband will check it when the timer rings and uncover it and do the last step if I am busy in the front of the house.   LOL.  There is something about the smell of hot bread right out of the oven.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kitchen management day

Kitchen management day,  

  1. Clean fridge.   / organize.  
  2. Dehydrate eggs,   This is an experiment.  If it works, I should be able to save eggs when they are a dollar a dozen and isle them when they are two dollars or more a dozen.
  3. Slice cucumbers and tomatoes.   
  4. Meals are easy thru Tuesday.   Wednesday is shopping day, but we don't need to go, I can finish kitchen management then.  
  5. Wash kitchen floor.   
  6. Make bread.   I made bread 🍞 Saturday and took it to the neighbor.   
  7. Wash fruit
  8. Prep a veggie for mondays dinner,   

Fred Meyers Haul (Kroger)!

Sunday is ad day at fred Meyers. My main focus was that we didn't have any fresh milk in the house,  I made pancakes for granddaughter with non fat dry,   It worked and I don't think she knew the difference.
Fred Meyers had a 10/10 sale, and you had to buy 10, mix or match, 

  1. Marshmallows,  -2 ea - we love chocolate rice crispy Treats.  
  2. Cream cheese -2 ea 
  3. Crescent rolls - -3 ea 
  4. Sausage -2 
  5. A zero drink 

I was careful not to buy anything we wouldn't use and anything that was cheaper elsewhere.    I have a cracker crust and want to make a cream cheese pie for a special treat sometime soon.   
I have seen a taco pie on Facebook that would be good to try and we love putting a little cheese on them and rolling them up for a go to when having ansoup that lacks full protein,   Sausage is a given when we have breakfast for dinner,.  

Ice cream sandwiches were two dollars for 12.  .  
Blackberries were .99
Naval oranges were .99 - two large oranges were 150
Milk was .99 -!we got two regular and 1 chocolate,   

Total 18.43

Sunday meal plans

Having a couple of standbys helps a lot when making meal plans.  Part of the work osmdome for you.   Having a matrix is a good guideline to narrow your infinite possibilities.    We already know " Four plus one is five.   Four people. One dinner, Five  bucks.    That is the calculations to stay on a four dollar a day per person budget.  My mantra os that if you can stay on a low budget, spending more isn't hard.   LOL.   Meals aren't mecessarily in  chronological order.

  1. Chicken parm , green vegetable 
  2. Pizza 
  3. Chicken and rice , salad 
  4. Tacos, refried beans, Spanish rice 
  5. Pork chops, dressing with apples and cranberries . Green vegetable 
  6. Salmon patties. Baked potato, glazed carrots.   
  7. Breakfast 4 Dinner  
  1. Chicken parm uses  spaghetti  (.49/2=.25) , chicken patties ( Foster farms- 1.80 ) pasta sauce ( .88/2=.44) green beans .33 -  2.82 
  2. Pizza  uses.  Crust .(17, ) 1/4 of pasta sauce .(22) 1/2 of pepperoni .(25 ) 1/4 pound cheese (.50) total 1.14
  3. Chicken and rice : rice is .03 a serving .(.12) chicken breast average 1.40 a pound.   ( 1.40) veggies (frozen mixes veggies (1.00/2=.50) total 2.02.  
  4. Tacos 🌮: 1/2 lb hamburger ( 1.59) , taco shells ( .50) cheese (.25) lettuce, tomato ( .45) rice (.12) beans (.88) salsa ( .25) total 3.16 
  5. Pork chops and dressing : pork chops ( 1.50) , dressing (1.00) apple  (.35) veggie (.50) total (3.35)
  6. Salmon patties : salmon patties (2.33) potatoes 🥔 ( .40) green beans (.33) total 3.06
  7. Breakfast 4 dinner  : French toast ( .43) fruit (3.00) total 3.43 
Total : 18.98.   Does not include small amounts of staple items. It also would cost more if you are eating seconds or are feeding a teenage boy. LOL.  Either case, you are still well below the 5.00 a day amount ( 35.00) . 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tomorrow Fred Meyers ad

specials for Fred Meyers

Grapes 149
Milk .99
Oranges .99
Bread 4/5
Chunky soup , crackers .99$$

A lot of the veggies  are cheaper at Winco.    Peppers are well under a dollar.   Last I was there they were fifty eight cents for red and sixty eight for green.  

Recipe: shrimp stir fry

This is a recipe that, obviously, cost more than five dollars.    It works because several other recipes during the week are a lot less ( average) .  

1 bag of shrimp. 
2 carrots , sliced thin 
2 celery ribs. Sliced thin, 
1 red pepper 
1 small onion or 1/2 a large onion, cut in half, then sliced. 
1 pkg top ramen, cooked without the seasoning packet 
Soy sauce to taste 
Olive oil or vegetable oil for cooking 

  • Cook shrimp of raw and clean . 
  • In skillet with sides or wok. Stir fry veggies until soft.  
  • Add in cooked shrimp and cooked ramen noodles.  
  • Season with soy sauce to taste.   
Note : we can get frozen stir fry veggies at times and I have found them with a .35 coupon.  
You could substitute cooked chicken breast or thighs cut into small pieces instead of the shrimp
I used red pepper, celery and carrot.   I would add mushrooms, green pepper  and onion if my husband ate them.   

Friday, March 17, 2017

Bullet day - five safety nets -in progress

It's  always a good idea 💡 to have a few go to dimmers that can be cooked in a hurry for days when a ))$. Storm happens.  Face or, life isn't perfect or scripted and ):;? Storms happen to the best of us.   If your mission is to keep your food budget low, having a plan helps.

  • Low sodium chunky soups go on sale and you can find generous coupons,   Mymanswe to they are so bad for you is that take out usually is bad for you and a whole lot more hassle and money,   I recently got progresso chunky  soups  for .75.   Two cans with a little water fed three of us.   
  • Foster Farms chicken patties are another item that can have coupons and be on sale.   Five dollars will make several meals for three people.   Chicken parm?    Chicken sandwiches.   Chicken salad ( just cut strips from the patties.   They cook in two minutes in the microwave, better cooked in the oven,  
  • Keeping my a frozen  pizza , again bought on sale with coupons and s a good back up.   
  • With already cooked hamburger in the freezer, you can make tacos in a flash,   
  • Loaded baked potatoes take I utes in the microwave and you can make a bar with leftovers etc from the fridge: frozen broccoli, sour cream, cheese, chilli, bacon 🥓? 

Friday recipe - skillet Mac n cheese

Skillet dinners are quick and easy,   Sausage and bratts were in sale at Fred Meyers for two dollars.   I know, it's a fat storm ..  you don't eat it Every Day!  

Mac and cheese with sausage.  

3 cups chicken or veggie broth ( preferable homemade)
8 ounces small shell macaroni
Frozen peas
1/2 pound sausage,   Partially boil to get some of the fat out  and slice .
8 ounces shredded cheese- A blend of some part skim Motts is preferable.

In deep sided skillet, bring stock to a boil.  Add pasta and boil until a dente  about six minutes.
Add peas and sliced sausage . Cover and cook until pasta is done.
Remove from heat and stir in cheese.

Serves 4