Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fred Meyers for tomorrow, RIte Aid and notes

I had errands for the business yesterday and combined a shopping trip .   This usually means that I can recoup gas money in savings.    Dollar tree has coffee pods for a quarter each ( 4 pods on a box for a dollar.  ) They have chocolate striped shortbread and the old fashioned bowl covers .  ( they look like a shower cap! ) they are very handy to cover fruit and keep fruit flies off and cover bowls so you don't have to wash double dishes.  Reclon fingernail polish and darling pumpkin mini bubbles for trick or treaters.  

Grocery outlet has an in ad ( in store) coupon for folders coffee -- 4.99.   rIte aid has another brand for 4.99 after points, it you have to buy two.

Fred  Meyers

Avocados .77
Chuck roast 3.97
Campbell's chunky soup .99 $$ ( dollar on four coupon in Sunday paper) limit four.   Net .75
Milk .99@@
Hill shore smoked sausage 2/5@@

Squash .69 lb
Celery .69lb
Spinach .99
Tomatoes .99
DiGiorno 4.88

That's about it.

I'm impressed with the checker at grocery outlet.  We didn't know the coffee was on sale.  It was still a good buy at 699.   I was not familiar with grocery outlet having ads.   She pointed it out and went and got a coupon for us.    That's great service.

There is a .50 on two progreso soup coupon on Sunday paper.  I'm not sure if it can be had at the dollar tree.    That would make ot .75 too.  It's a good quick lunch.   It works when you don't have leftovers and stays the four dollar or under budget.  

We usually sound less than four dollars.   I write this blog to stay under a snap budget excuse that isa benchmark.   You can easily spend more but it is good to know how to spend a RBP.   It's a lot easier to spend more than it is to spend less.  

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