Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday madness

Tonight I had a chef salad ( of sorts) and a roll for dinner.  they had a glorious raspberry sweet roll for desert, but I opted for blue binny sherbert.   Trying to keep my blood sugar in tact.  

It is entirely possible to keep a strict budget and still take care of therapeutic diets.   It takes a bit of planning and some education as to what is needed to stay within guidelines.  It isn't necessary in most cases to completely do without a particular food, just really important to modify quanitites and replace some foods with similar ones that are better for you.   Being diabetic doesn't mean I can't have desert, nor does it mean that I have to have dry cake .  Ot means that I either have to modify the quantity of the cake,mor substitute it for another desert that is more appropriately within the carb guidelines that I need to keep.  

Moderation is the key.

We have purchased almost no food this month.  A few specialty items that my daughter needed for a new recipe,mand milk,bread, and some fresh fruit,   I suspect we can go on for several more months with the status quo.  It couldn't have been done without me having stocked more than usual anticipating that someday the mall we worked at would be closing for a time.   I suspect that we will venerating different when I get back home so I can cook and my husband will have to help because I still can't bend at the waist and going downstairs to the freezer will be a chore.   I anticipate it bring a once a week occurrence.  

Buying in bulk when it is on sale is the only way I know to eat for 1/2 the price of food these days,  
Buying perishables in season.   Looking for specials on dairy ( skip far. , Fred Meyers is really good at putting them on sale on a regular basis.   Kept at proper temp,dairy has a long enough shelf life to get you through a couple of weeks.  I am it finding a lot of sale meats these days.  Looking forward to Winco coming soon.  It'll be a while until I can grocery shop, so I'll be making lists and taking advantage of instant  photo exchanges we can access with today's technology.  

Having a kitchen stool and island I am sure will be a good resource for me. As well as the crock pot.  

Keeping on a strict budget takes some ingenuity in adjusting recipes for less expensive ingredients that will still give you the taste and texture that the original recipe called for.  Finding recipes that are new to keep things fresh helps too.   Add finding and taking advantage of sales on produce.  

I have been writing waiting for my pain meds to take effect.  I think tat they might be close to doing that.  

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