Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shopping trip

Today we went to ALBERTSONS.   Pork loin chops were buy 1, get two for free.   Now, I'm sure they marked it up to mark it down.   The bottom line os that we got three packages for 3.33 each.   I  did them,at and calculated the cost per meal to find out if it was a bargains or not.  

All on all, other than the doughnut holes I BOGO'd , all I bought was real food and it saved as much as I spent.   We still only came home woth four small sacks amd a cooler full and I spent a little more,than fifty dollars.   Groceries hav still taken a hike. ALBERTSONS veggies were not. Good buys, amd them dairy didn't seem too good either.   But, that's why you shop at two chains a week.  Taking the best of two stores will give you the best advantage.  

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