Saturday, November 28, 2015


I did not go to Freddie's.    Ad to follow.   I went to dollar tree...looking for something I can't find! Lol. And Winco.   Our grocery total for November was 68.00 a week.   I'm sure it was because of Winco.   I was hitting closer to eighty.    We do have a considerable stock. It is that time of year when we have the donut hole and stock items are on sale.  

Grocery outlet had hash browns for 2.50.  --enough for about four meals.   dijourno  pizza was 1.99.  
Sliced cheese was the usual 2.39.    Blue cheese was 1.99.

Winco had several beef roasts well under three dollars a pound.    16 ounces of marshmallows were. Dollar.   Brownie mix .98, cake .88.  I noted good prices, but can't remember all of them.   Refried beans .88, taco shells a dollar, pasta .88 , but Barilla was too high.    No sugar added Klondike bars were just under three.  

Fred Meyers. Milk .99@@
Raspberries 4/5
Cheese 5.48@@$$ ( 1.00 coupon out there)
Naval oranges .99
Cucumbers 2/.99
Shrimp 6.99 lb

That's  about it.  


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