Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winco and thanksgiving prices

We just went to the dollar tree and Winco.   I got fruit snacks and men's sox for the homeless bags at dollar tree.  And sparkely  sox for myself...can you spell glitter!  

Winco has a gallon of milk for free and cookies.   I got the gallon of milk for us and the cookies for the daycare.   I thought granddaughter would enjoy sharing with friends at snack time.   

Crescent rolls were 1.48 and I had a dollar coupon.   
Cucumbers were .48
Pumpkin pie 3.48.  I can't make it for that.   
White bread .88
Acorn squash .68
Lindsay olives .87- $$
Small tomato sauce .29
Best ground beef 3.18
Extra large hummus. 278
Turkey is .63 a pound ... No spending restrictions.

I got .75 Ibotta.    

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