Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The ads


Simple truth chickens are .99 a pound,  I can't find anywhere the answer to the question, where are they from?    I did find that they are a brand of Kroger and that they are being sued for mislabeling?  Or something of the nature.  

Grapes 1.68
Milk .99

Buy 4, save 4
Kroger ice cream net 1.8
Sugar .99
Freshetta 4.99
Nathan's 2.99

Sirloin tip roast 3.99

five dollar Friday
Naval oranges
Oatmeal, peanut butter, bars 3/5

Brown or powdered sugar .99@@
Butter 2/5@@
Flour 1.89@@

Buy 5 save 5
Cereal 2.99$$

Buy 4. Save 4

15percent hamburger, bottom round, cross rib 3.99

Coupons the same as Safeways.

That's about it.


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