Friday, February 22, 2013

Shopping trip

I cleaned the fridge, and made banana blueberry bread. Decided to go shopping anyway. I got cheese for five bucks at Top and apples. We took baby to her mom so we got lost for an hour. In less than an hour including travel time, we went to Safeways and got sour cream and some lunch meat. the dollar store was next where I got French fries and hot poppers. The grocery outlet was where I got whole wheat pizza crusts two in a package for a buck. Also chicken and artichoke sausage for three bucks. Yum!

I posted the last of the receipts for February. I averaged 68 a week and more than maintained our stock.

The banana bread recipe is bisquick. It is a healthy banana bread with egg substitute, low fat bisquick and low fat milk. Add oatmeal and bananas that are to the point of anti cancer properties and blueberries with anti ocidents and we have a real winner.

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