Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday notes

I am getting writers block. Please comment what kind of recipes you want to see. Do you want to see the recap of the ads every week? Meal plans? I would really appreciate your ideas!

Today I am going to survey the fridge. We were lucky enough to be able to go out. Happy hour food is much cheaper than the regular menu. I just drink ice tea. My husband loves finger foods for dinner sometimes. You can make finger foods healthy.

Tomato soup is too expensive to make from scratch. My mother-in-law used to make it from canned tomatoes. unfortunately, I never saw her do it. There was a piece on Americas Test Kitchen comparing soups. There are actually tomato soups that have no tomatoes in them. kinda like the cheeseburger macaroni that has no cheese in it. LOL. I like then tomato-roasted red-pepper soup in a box. I can't afford it unless I happen to see it at Costco for about two dollars a box.I add basil, blue cheese, and some milk.

Veggie Sandwiches

Feta cheese
Roma tomatoes

Small tortillas

Serve with salad.

I got garbanzo beans for .50. feta cheese with tomatoes was cheap at grocery outlet. small tortillas were .60 at big lots. I keep them in the fridge. I'm not surenincouldnget my husband to eat this for dinner, but maybe it would be a good lunch dish.

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  1. Hi Jane!
    I would like to have some new ideas for taking lunch to work. Sandwiches are too boring and sometimes there are no microwaves available. Healthy is the main thing but it has to be yummy as well...I have been taking salad-in-a-jar lately and that has been good! There are so many ways to change that up. What ideas sound good to you?

  2. That's goimg tom take some thinking on my part. The salad sounds good. Usually my coworker and I share lunch the two days that I work. We can't leave the store. Either one of us stops and gets a five dollar sub to share or one of us brings leftovers. She makes a mean tuna sandwich! or the Chinese restraint next door brings ud brocollimchicken that we shar. It costs six bucks for both of us. I have a lunch pail that I got at Costco that keeps stuff hot or cold for hours. I have had the ice still be ice after nine hours. That makes leftovers easier. Ibalso have insulated bowls that keep lunch hot for hours.
    I'll post more if I find more in my nets. Thanks for commentimg. jane

  3. I was typing while waiting for dinner to finish. I think u van get the gist.