Saturday, July 23, 2016

dont believe everything you read..

I'm pissed, but I won't go into it here.  

Pinto beans are two pounds for a dollar at the dollar store.   When you can find them.    I have repeatedly going to three different dollar trees and they have had no pinto beans.   At a dollar a pound, pinto beans are not a bargain.  They are cheaper at Winco in the bulk isle at .69 as of today.    I checked.     They are also .50 a pound at Costco of you can use a gigantic bag.    

Oatmeal is not a bargain at the dollar store.    It is cheaper in bulk at Costco.  .Rice is a lot cheaper at Costco in bulk sacks.   

Feta cheese is 1/2 price at the dollar tree vs Winco.   
Winco has cheaper Hunts  spaghetti sauce.   
Dollar tree has pasta cheaper - Barilla when they have it.    
The expensive really good French type cookies are a dollar in stead of four dollars.   

Bottom line, you can't say dollar tree is cheaper unless you know your prices.  Although. I can pretty much be confident that dollar tree is cheaper than whole foods! LOL.  

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