Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday ads

It's a holiday weekend.   There are no cohpon inserts usually on a holiday weekend.   Thos time there is the p and G. Insert, but I'm not finding anything too useful.

Fred Meyers

Grapes 1.28
Milk 1.99@@
Bread 3/4@@
Peanut butter 2/5@@
Zucchini .88
Brats 4.99
Sour  cream 2/5., also cottage cheese
Red Barton pizza 3.99$$
Chili .89@@
Ice cream  2/6@@

Back lack alert for the peanut butter. I will post on Facebook also.

Coupon grocery cart has red Barron pizza coupon .

Last night we had ribs, corn in the cob and green salad.
I didn't buy a lot of meat  that wasn't picnic meat.  Chicken sausage was in sale at SAFEWAYS as well as ribs and hot dogs.  I stocked on chicken and good hamburger a few weeks ago so I didn't have to find a bargain this week.   That is where it pays to buy the bargains when you happen to find them and coast through the weeks  there isn't meat is getting harder and harder to find good meat deals.  Typically there are no really good buys on holiday weekend.  Picnic supplies are an exception, usually that happens on Memorial Day.

Buying what is in sale, provided it is in your usual buy list is a good way to cut your grocery costs.  We all have to eat, but we don't have to eat what is top dollar in the grocery store.   A little effort goes a long ways to stretch your grocery budget.  Remembering a few basic principles can save a bundle

  • The basic food is around the perimeter of the store.   
  • Don't buy ready made unless it is cheaper than scratch.  Do the math.  
  • Before you buy a box of something, read the ingredients.  Again, do the math.  
  • Spend more on meat , dairy and produce than anything else.  
  • Steer clear of bottled drinks. And junk food.   Junk food is defined as anything that has no real food value.   It's stupid to pay big money for sugar and water.   Ditto a few ounces of potatoes.  
  • The biggest weapon in your fight against the break the budget groceries is your calculator and a price book of the things you buy most. Know when a bargain is a bargain.  If you haven't spent your money on junk, you can afford to buy bulk of bargains and feed your family better, cheaper, faster.   .   

Thanks for stopping by. As soon as I get to the point I am back to normal, I'll start a better post routine again.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday, suddenly

It's Saturday.  I have been loosing track of days all week.   Have to get back to our schedule.   Sitting with a mud bath on my feet my daughter put on.

We went to SAFEWAYS yesterday.   I just bought the specials and spent fifty dollars.  Lou's of fresh fruit and produce. Picnic supplies.   Also, green chilies were 1.00 and chicken noodle soup was .50 on  Friday, after that it is .69.   Still a good buy.    Remember that coupons will come out in the next couple of days.   Download soon to get the good ones.   Like bargains, the coupons are harder to find.  

I managed to get enough food and go withs for a week.  Other than chicken noodle soup. I didn't stock and because I stocked meat double last week, I didn't this  week.     It is typical of a holiday week to not have stocking specials .  It's all about back to school amd Labor Day.   It's a good time to stock picnic food.  

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wicked Wednesday / the ads

QFC has a two week ad, they a,so have a four day sale.

Berries 2/5
Tillamook ice cream 2/6
Tillamook cheese  5.99
Pie 2.99

Sour cream 1.00
Kroger Ice  cream 2/5

Brats 4.99
Baked beans 3/5
Ready rice 3/5
Frozen veggies 10-12 oz 1.00

4 day sale  - Fri to Monday - ends sept 1.
Apples .99
Sun sandwich 5.99

Ribs 1.79
Corn 6/2
Sausage 2.99
Salad 1.00
Buns 1.00
Tomago soup  69 also chicken noodle
Brats 5.00
Grapes 1.99
Nathan's 3.99
Berries 2.99
Chili .89@@

5'dollar Friday
Berries :2/5
Ice cream 2/5
Soup  10/5


Sirloin steak b1 g 2 , buy one, get two, don't say the reg price so it s buyer beware.

Betty Crocker cake or brownie mix 1.00

Corn 3/1@@
Ice cream 2.49@@
Hillshire farm sausage 2.49
Coupons - all below have @@
Skippy peanut butter1.99
Salsa 3.99
Sour cream 1.69

Nathan's 3.99
Lemon merange  pie 5.99

That's about it .   Sounds like SAFEWAYS and QFC are my picks.   Soup is  a big alert for Fridays.
At SAFEWAYS,  picnic food is the most of the sales,but that is par for the course with the holiday weekend.  

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday madness: Fred Meyers ad

Fred Meyers ad for Sunday to Sunday..  

Sirloin steak
Gala apples .98
Blues 3.99
Johnsonville brats 4.99
Peaches 1.49
Kroger frozen potatoes 1.88
Tillamook ice cream 2/6@@
Hillshire smoke sausage 3/10@@
Mayo 2/5@@
Cucumbers , green peppers 2/1
Broccoli .99

That's about it.   SAFEWAYS has the best buys in protein and some fruit.  I like Fred Meyers ice cream and veggies.  

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Finally Friday , most common mistakes to eat up your food budget.

Most common mistakes

I have been watching grocery hauls on the Internet. Mostly young gals are doing them. I am beginning to see a picture that is all telling.

The most common mistakes grocery shopping to be on the cheap instead of spending the whole paycheck are

  1. Buying  8  gallons of drinks.  Buy tea bags, herbal if you wish, and some crystal light type mix at the dollar store or big lots.  Water is a good hydrater.  .  Buy a lemon to add a slice to it and chill it.  
  2. Buying ready made mixes and meats.  Take on one meat at a time, and learn to cook it.  The savings are remarkable.  If you don't have the pans to cook it, go to the goodwill and find one.  if you don't have a roasting rack, pile rough chopped carrots / and or potatoes or onions  on the bottom, and roast your chicken on top.  
  3. Buying tons of junk foods.  Buy popcorn it's cheap and relatively healthy.  The savings more than make up for the price of an air popper on sale.  I got mine for 14.00.  
  4. If your passion is sweet, find easy and inexpensive recipes for brownies or another cake or cookie.  There is a recipe on the Internet for a mixture of 2 cake mixes that cooks in a few in the microwave.  Or make muffins or quick breads.  They can be healthy and satisfy your sweet tooth.  
  5. Not Sticking to your meal plans and not thinking things out. don't come home without the things you need to make them or you have wasted your time and need another costly trip to the store.  
  6.  The worst mistake is to go to the store hungry, with screaming kids that need a nap, and buy 
  7. anything in the store that looks good to you.  It's stressful and expensive.  you shouldn't come home broke and ready to drop from the grocery store! LOL  
Take a look at your grocery receipt and break it down as to how much is drinks, how much snack food and desert, and how much fruit and veggies.  The most percentages should be fruit and veggies and proteins.  Less than ten percent should be snacks and drinks.  

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The ads ,

First, QFC went to a two week sale ad, so you,need to refer to last weeks post.  


Quarter sale
Tomato sauce  .25
Zap ems .50
Muffin mix .25
Tuna .75 ( we don't like the quality)
Noodle bowls .75
Tissue 1.00

Note: some of these things I wouldn't buy.  Some are the things I bought when I was feeding children with hollow legs and they needed snacks that were filling.  None of my children had a weight problem.   They still don't.  

Berries 2/6
Roma's 1.49
Salads .88

Grapes 199
Corn 6/2
Cantelope 2/3
Chicken .99
Cod 4.99
7 percent fat hamburger 2.99
Yoplait 10/5. $$

Pudding ring 3.49
Cottage cheese 3.49

5 dollar Friday
Tuna or salmon 5/5
Turkey sausage or burgers
Johnsonville dinner sausage

Check your just for you
Print coupons.

Note hamburger is a good stock item.   I did some from Costco last week, but will also do some this week because of the freezer going out.   We cooked three chickens last week or I would also buy chickens.  Mainly because there has been weeks lately when there were no protein buys.

Fresh fruit amd veggies are  at their peak here.   I don't tend to put veggies or fruit up, bit we just adapt to frozen or what is in season.    Next year, maybe, but this summer is a summer to forget!   LOL

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday madness

Good morning.   I have  can PT today and it's change the sheets and cook the ground meats I bout yesterday day.    I needed to replenish the freezer after it broke down and we got the new one,   My husband already bought two ice creams and actually arranged the freezer so that one type of thing was on one shelf.   I haven't been able to get down there to see it so. Have to depend on him .  

Yesterday we talked about protein.   It's really a given that veggies and fruit we buy when they are on season.  Each es are really cheap about now. Our nice neighbourhood gave us cukes out of her garden.  

Pasta I buy when it's on sale, preferably with a coupon.   I have got it as cheap as .38.  Pasta has a very long shelf life so ot pays to buy it only when its on sale with a coupon.   We don't load up on pasta, and none  of us  are overweight.  

Groceries in the cheap works on the premise that you never pay full price for anything,   Of you can get your core ingredients for 1/1/2 price  or less, you can eat better for less.   This takes a little organizational work in the beginning, but the work is well rewarded in savings.  

  • First , identify the inexpensive sources of protein that your family will eat.   It's a given that of your family won't eat something, it's not a bargain at any price.  
  • Now, list 7-14 dinners that use these sources of protein.   
  • Identify the staples ( shelf ready or frozen ) you use to make your dinners,   For us, that is refried beans, pasta, pasta sauce. Beans. Green beans, diced tomatoes, some chili and chicken noodle soup, instant mashed potatoes, Tuna, clams, frozen veggies, cheese.   This  is usually a list of about 10-15. 
  • Track these prices.   Some use a spread sheet, some a notebook they can carry with them.  The object is to buy low and eat high.  This is not an original concept. Stock traders use that principle .   You want to get a feel for when things go on sale and buy enough to last you until it goes on sale again.   Stores work on a 8-12 week cycle,   Fred Meyers works on a monthly cycle for dairy it's getting harder because prices are rising,  
  • The biggest advantage you can have is to know your prices.   My mother used to say, some people could have a bargain get up and bite them in the butt and they wouldn't see it.  Don't be that person.  LOL
When the ads come out, analyze the ads and write  down the prices at each store.  I take a piece of scratch from the computer stand and divide the paper into four ( now three) stores.   Now, record the price of 
  • The "loss leader" protein 
  • Any perishable that is a good price ( produce and dairy 
  • Any stock item on your list that is a good price.   
Now, pick the best two stores and get what you need.   Bring the ad, your list, and any coupons you have.   You can check a coupon matchup site and pull coupons .  -- that's another blog! LOL 

Get in the store , get your list and anything you really  need and get out the more time you spend in a store, the more you will spend.   There os another blog on the tricks retailers don't want you to know.  

Guess that's all for today.   

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday ads and......

I got the ads yesterday, but after I screwed up and thought it was Sunday Saturday, I thought I would wait until Sunday to post the,.

Fred Meyer continues to have a periodic dairy sale.  

Peaches 1.28
Eggs 4/5@@
20 percent hamburger 2.98
Milk 4/5@@
Ice cream 2/5@@
Ravioli 1.00....backpack aler
Strawberries 2/5

Note that @@ means there is an in ad coupon.   Back pack alert is for those contributing to a charity that feeds low income children breakfast and lunch on the weekends by sending them home bags of certain food items on Fridays.

Buying hamburger In bulk and precooking it saves time and money.   I was getting the low fT hamburger for that price. But meat on general has taken  a big hike.  It was predicted that the drought prices would prevail well into 2014.   I think we are beyond that.   I digress.

By picking an inexpensive protein a week and buying bulk enough to last you for a four week rotation, you can cook all of ot at one time and portion control dinners.  That saves time and clean up time in the kitchen and reduces waste.   You are going to buy enough to last you a month.   In other words, of you are using hamburger for your beef component and you are eating beef twice a week, you are going to buy enough to make 8 meals.  

When I buy hamburger, I make crumbles for pasta sauce or pizza, taco meat, meatballs for meat ball subs or to have with a sauce on rice or noodles, or meat loaf or Salisbury steaks.

I try for out meal plams to have

2 beef
2 chicken or pork
2 vegetarian
1 fish or shellfish

I try to average five  dollars a dinner.    That is getting harder with the price of meat these days.  I see my average per week is creeping up.   I lost track of July because I wasn't home and things are harder when I have to rely on my husband to shop.  

Because of the freezer malfunction, we have been eating a lot of chicken this week.   Last night we had oven roasted potatoes. Scrambled eggs, and a fruit cup of fresh berries.   We also like a meal of blueberry waffles or pancakes. Bacon, and fruit.   Chocolate waffles and a yoghurt parfait is a really good sometime alternative.  The kids love it, even though it doesn't happen often.   Mac and cheese is a mainstay.  I cook it with mixed veggies and three or four kimds of cheese.   It's a good way to clean out the cheese bin.   Grocery outlet has a really good selection of designer cheeses.  

I have a stash of salmon in the freezer, and tuna and clams are still a good price.  

The Internet is full of artful ways of cooking chicken.  We like chicken pot pie and chicken stirfry.  Chicken noodle soup and chicken tacos or enchiladas.   Make your own sauce. That is a case where the sauce can cost more than the meat!    I only buy something  like that of I can get it for less than scratch, or near scratch.   I try for less processed foods, but cave in if they are cheaper than scratch ( not often ).

Eggs are 1.25 a dozen again.   It is a good way to add protein into your dote for low cost.   Chef salad, puddings. Breakfast for dinner.   Eggs got a bad wrap, but the attitude has changed.   It's hard for some people to get past the bad stigma.   Ground beef can have less fat than boneless skinless chicken breasts.  It just needs to be defatted.   Ditto sausage.  
French fries can be more healthy than some other potatoes if they are cooked in a really hot fat, like commercially.  Studies have proved that the hot fat sears the outside and no fat gets on the potato.  A regular serving is supposed to have less than a teaspoon of fat.  

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What to do with what you got.

Savy shopping is only one component of the concept of making food get on the table with little money.  Somehow, the good food has to get from the pantry/fridge to the table.  Most of us lead busy lives, and  taking care of children is a job in its self.   I have relied on a crock pot and quick meals, and precooking when time is less hectic to solve the problem.

I recently discovered a chicken recipe for the crockpot.  I am squeamish at the thought of cooking our chicken when the recipe  starts on a low heat.    This recipe cooks on high right off the bat.   I resorted to it when the freezer quit and I had just come home from a month at a "nursing home" because I broke my hip and     wrist.  I had three chickens to cook.

Over the years, I have tried many comcepts and kept the ones  that worked for our family.    Different things in different ,  stages of our lives.   At this point, I can't bend at the waist and can't chop because one wrist is cracked.   My daughter has been picking up the slack.   I do what I can.   Making spice rubs etc.

Last week, eggs were 4/5 at Fred Meyers.   Breakfast for dinner is a good alternative once a week.   It certainly helps if husbands realize that there is a problem with finances and solving the problem takes cooperation on everybody's  part.  ( my answer to the comment of a reader that their husband won't eat breakfast for dinner ).  I was impressed at 13 when my dad was hurt in the job and we had no income for a few months,   He even ate liver!

Lately, meat prices have not been very cooperative.   Chicken continues to be on sale often.  I can find cheese at Costco wholesale.  ALBERTSONS has a bunch BOGO, but they aren't telling what the original price is so I can't tell if it's a bargain or not.  I used to try for two dollars a pound average.  That's not happening.  Country style ribs  are 3.49. I found hamburger reasonable.  When a roast is more reasonable, I grind my own( or rather, I usually cut it up and my husband runs the grinder.  )
Pork chops are 1.99 at SAFEWAYS.   I can still get canned clams and tuna cheap.   Probably because someone has decided it isn't good for us.   We have been eating it for years.   I wrote a blog on that.  Enough said.   SAFEWAYS has pizza dough balls for 1.50.  I didn't like the one I tried a year or so ago, but.maybe it just got a bad one.   There is a recipe  for a good cheap easy pizza crust.
Pizza is one thing everyone likes and a way to stretch a little amount of meat.  Costco still has sausage in a roll for less that some other stores.  It's not the six  bucks it was last year, last I looked it  was 8.49 .  There is a post on how to reduce the fat in ground meat on a earlier post.  You can make hamburger have less fat that a boneless, skinless chicken breast.

You can use less meat and augment the protein for the meal with cheese that you get in sale, or eggs and milk.   ( pudding for desert, hard cooked eggs on your chef salad.   )

I buy cheese when I get it close to five bucks for two pounds.   I buy it whether  we need it at the moment or not.  It lasts a long time when kept in its wrapper.  You can also grate it and add a tablespoon of corn starch to a couple of pounds of cheese and freeze it.  Or skip the cornstarch and use it when you will be melting it.

Steering clear of boxed dinners is another way to keep your costs down.   My daughter and I diasected a hamburger meal box.  The results were remarkable .     Since then, they have revamped their boxes, but scratch skillet dinners are all over the Internet and I have posted some I wrote myself that are easy and more nutritious .

That's about all. My husband brought me a basket of clothes and I have therapy today, so I'd better get cracking.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The ads


Berries. 3.99

Buy 4
Dryers 1.99
outside fruit bars 1.99
Drumsticks 3.99

Milk 2/5@@

10/10, you don't have to buy 10
Ravioli, chili, bumblebee tuna, pasta sauce , soy sauce ( pasta sauce ,not such a food buy

Bread, bagels 2/5
Grapes 2.49
Peaches, nectarines 1.99

Note, I am not fond of ALBERTSONS ad, it's too hard to read.

Raspberries 2/3

Apples 1.49
Pork sirloin chops 1.99
Kens salad dressing BOGO $$
Corn 6/2
Grapes 2.99. All colours.  The darker coloured grapes have more food value
Cantelope 2/5
Ice cream 2/5

Cake mix .99

Five dollar Friday
Cod per pound

Berries 2/5
Peaches 1.49
Bread 1.79
Grapes 1.99
Oranges, pears 1.49
Pumpkin pie 2.99

Pasta 1.00  look for coupons
Ice cream 2/5
Cottage cheese, sour cream 2/3
Broccoli, celery ,99

Again, I am not finding a real bargain in the protein department.   Last weeks chicken and eggs were about it.  Eggs have a month out pull date so at four for five it was a good buy amd  stored probably in your refrigerator should last as all momth.   Having breakfast for dinner is one of the ways you can stretch your dollars, especially at that price. Chefs salad is  good with hard cooked eggs for these warm nights.

Last week we cooked three chickens because I bought two for stocking and saved one with ice crystals still on it from the defunct freezer.  Two we cooked in the crock pot.   A really easy way to cook chicken in a pinch for time.   The large pieces stay pretty much in tact, the parts submerged under the natural broth are good for tacos and chicken soup or chicken and noodles.  

The third one my husband roasted in the oven.  

Last night we had chicken stir fry.  my daughter is becoming a good cook.   We do have to have something besides chicken soon.   LOL

That's about all.


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Monday, August 11, 2014

There is a first for everything,

I didn't think it would ever happen.....,my husband is going to the store and indiscriminately,buying a can of coffee.    Was out of commission ( in a rehab center for breaking my hip) and didn't shop for six weeks.   Of course he has had plenty of time driving around and on his walks to go to grocery outlet and buy coffee.   Now, I am stuck without transportation for a week again.   I have to borrow my daughters car to go anywhere and that entails taking her to work ( two trips) because I can't get into the car and the baby can't fit in the truck.  He can go with the baby by themselves.   What a concept.

I have spent about 80.00 so far on groceries.  Considering that I didn't shop for sox weeks and we had to throw away 160 pounds of food because the freezer quit, I don't think that's bad.   We have a decent amount of food in the freezer and fridge and the pantry is pretty much ok I will need to buy green beans soon.

I have to download coupons.   There haven't been a lot of food ones lately. But there have been Yoplait ones and peanut butter.   Chicken cc is a buck at QFC and I salvaged one from the freezer that was still frozen.   I have been cooking  the, on the crockpot with the help of my husband.   This time we watched it and turned it off as soon as it  was done,   We have more pieces.  You would be surprised how much liquid one onion and the chicken gives off.   My daughter made chicken noodle soup out of it.    My granddaughter loves soup.

Last night we had ribs, corn on the cob and fruit salad.   The night before we had roast chicken, mashed cheesy potatoes, and sliced tomato.   Sometimes  I drizzle tomato  slices with olive oil, sprinkle it with basil and add some grated white cheese.

My daughter made a casserole skillet dinner with rice, cheese, diced tomatoes and peppers.   It called for zucchini, but dear old dad didn't like it.   Seems lots of people don't like zucchini.   Que in chocolate zucchini bread or cake!

Tonight I think we will have chicken enchiladas.   Rice and beans.   I bought all for cartons of eggs at 1.25 each at Fred Meyer last week.   We need to have breakfast for dinner one day a week.   I am supposed to be eating hard cooked eggs to build my muscle after the surgery.   At 1.25 that makes dinner really cheap, so we can afford to have red meat more often.

That's all I have for now.  Hopefully we will get the ads tomorrow.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

No ads

We didn't get any ads this  week.  That makes shopping difficult for me.   I like to plan my trip ahead of time and these days I have to borrow a car and I'm  resorting to a wheel chair.   My husbands back is out and the freezer quit, so we might be winging it for a while.   Not having the benefit of the freezer stock will make things challenging.  

Yesterday, I cooked a chicken on the crock pot.  I had never done that before because I didn't like the idea of chicken not being brought up to a temp quickly.   Thos recipe is really simple and is cooked on high.

Crockpot chicken
Place a cut up onion on the bottom of the crockpot .
Place washed and ladled dry woth a paper towel chicken in crockpot.
Rub with a slice rub.
Cover and cook on high about an hour per pound.
Check to make sure chicken is done,

2 tsp paprika
1 tsp each of
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Dash pepper.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

My shopping list / last weeks ads

We have it shopped for over a month now besides a few necessities to get by.  ( I have been in rehab for my hip replacement.

Corn (3)
Yoplait 14 10/5 with two coupons.


Buy 6

2 pkg English muffins
2 Popsicles with fruit in them
2 albacore tuna

12 instant potatoes

Fred Meyers
Eggs 4/5@@
Pizza (2)@@ 3.99
Hebrew national 2/7@@

Chicken 4.50

Total  57.00
That still leaves me several dollars for so,es dairy and veggies to fill in.  

Last night we were dealing with the freezer intermittently thawing and freezing.   We had pork and beans and hot dogs and a fruit cup.  

I still have a few things to buy to reset the fridge to normal.   While I was on rehab, I ate for free and the rest of the family  bought just what they needed to fill in for meals out of my stock.   We still had several months of food.   In fact, I still have several months in the pantry.

Guess that's all

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tomorrow's ads and notes

I got tomorrow's ads,..    I was noticing that there was no protein sale this week.   Que in Fred Meyers.

Drumsticks, thighs or grill packs .99
10 percent hamburger.    3.98
Corn 10/3
Eggs 4/5@@
Digiorno pizza. 3.99@@
Hebrew national 2/7@@
Yellow squash .99
Pasta .99
Lettuce .99
Broccoli .99

Romaine is the best buy on the lettuce department.  The greener the lettuce the more food value. And romaine lasts longer than other lettuces.  In these dog days of summer, a chicken or shrimp or salmon Cesar salad is a good dinner alternative   I get salmon cheaper at SAFEWAYS or Winco.   You can clean the greens in the cool of the morning and make salad dressing.   Maybe grill  the chicken or salmon.

Betty Crocker had a article about several ways to make a hamburger mix ( crumbles and spices) to get a head start in several make ahead dinners.   I like the idea if make ahead in these hot, busy days of summer.   Our kitchen is on the east side of the house so by dinner time it's hot  in there.  One of the other summer tricks I play os to make a bunch if salads on the weekend early on the morning when it is cooler on the kitchen.   Then at dinner time we can grill a protein  to go with them.  Or make something we can heat in the microwave or put on the oven and walk away until it's  done.

Hebrew national hot dogs ( the only ones I'll buy except Nathan's ) are on sale.   When buns are not on sale, I make pigs on blankets or add them to baked beans.

Tex Mexican food is a good money stretcher.   Beans and rice make a complete protein,  just remember that beans and rice have a shirt fridge life,  they are one of the foods that spoil the quickest.
I buy canned and rinse them well to reduce the salt.   Rice is so easy on the microwave that I make it so that we can eat it in two days.   I buy very few canned fruits.  You can rinse them to reduce the sugar too.   Enchalada sauce is really expensive. But easily and cheap to make.m get chili powder in the bulk department or at Costco .  Sometimes I have to go to the business Costco to get some things,
A jus mix is one if the things the regular Costco doesn't carry anymore, along with cornstarch.   Since roast os so pricy, we haven't made a jus sandwiches in a long while.

I haven't downloaded coupons in a month because I haven't been home.   It was getting harder to find coupons for real food.  The Sunday paper has coupons for Yoplait and it's .50 on sale this week.
I haven't checked the matchup sites either because I haven't been able to shop.   I suspect I won't be going shopping a lot for a while, maybe just making lists and organizing coupons.   Adding a two up and a broken hip to the mix of shopping sounds dangerous.  LOL.  Maybe on a Saturday morning early!

Well, that's about all.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Friday, the ads finally

I finally got the ads.  Things aren't ad convenient as usual.  Next week things should be a little back to  normal.  

Peaches 1.49
Corn 3/1
Pork loin. 2.99
Dreyers 2/5
Eggs 2/3

Buy 5 , save 5
Digiorno 3.99
Eng muffins 1.99
Cheerios  2.49
Activis 4 ok 1.69

Cherries  2.99
Yogurt 10/5
Pasta 1.00


Yoplait 10/5
Tillamook ice cream 3.99
Milk 2.89
Berries 2.99
Grapes 2.99

Five dollar Friday
Fruit bars 2/5
Lemon me range pie

Buy 6

Ice cream, fruit bars 2.49
Tuna, relish .79
Bread, eng muffins 1.99
Cake mix .99
Albacore tuna .99
Instant potatoes .89
Jif 1.99
Oatmeal 1.49

Berries 3.99
Bread 1.49@@

That's about all

Guess I'll go back to bed

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