Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Seven meals for 32.62--under five dollars a meal average.

These meals do not include basic cooking supplies like oil, homemade soup mix, salad dressing,   The job of costing such things would be a nightmare.    It is, however, under five dollars a meal average.  

Pork stir fry
Egg drop soup

Scrambled eggs with cheese
Hash brown patties
Strawberries or mixed berries in season

Roasted pork tenderloin
Frozen chopped broccolli
4 cheese mashed potatoes

Pizza with
Hamburger crumbles ( or .50 pepperoni from dollar store w coupon)
Red peppers ,diced
Black olives chopped
3.66 with hamburger, 3.41 with pepperoni

Meat ball subs
2 sourdough baguettes ( Costco brown and serve)
( cheaper of you can find individual rolls ore baked in bins at grocery at .33)
Meat balls from 2.97hamburger
BBQ sauce,
Green salad or coleslaw.

Mac and cheese
Peas and carrots
Macaroni is high fiber in sale with coupon, cheese from Costco, soup mix scratch, top with homemade bread crumbs from heels (free) and parm from at 1/2 of a tub if parm.  
Frozen peas and carrots

Spaghetti with red sauce and hamburger
Green salad with tomatoes.

Total 32.62

Substitute meat ball subs with split pea soup 30.02 with soup left over for lunch.  

Split pea  soup
Jalapeño corn bread

The ads

I got the ads yesterday evening.  We seem to be on the last leg of the mail persons run.    The only good thing is that we can get the mail as soon as it comes.  

The ads are skewed towards Cinco de mayo.   Might be a good thing.   It seems , though, when a holiday happens, so,e stores take advantage of the fact that you are probably going to buy those ingredients at any price,m. Beat them at their own game,     Soft tortillas are to dollars at SAFEWAYS and Haggens.  Fred Meyer has them for a buck and there is a coupon on line for .55.   Net .45 -- that's a savings of  75 percent.  

Haggens salsa  3/5
Country ribs 1.99
English cukes .69

Not worth the trip for us. Some of these things are a good price, but we are at a point where we don't need them.  The pantry is full.   Some would say that it would be better if we paid full price and left our money on savings.  I am getting an average of fifty percent on my money.  No bank would give me fifty percent interest.    I am still with stocking, well under the USDA stats for my husband and I and we are supplementing the girls.  

SAFEWAYS is in a five dollar kick.  Just remember because something is 5/5 doesn't mean you have to buy five unless they specifically make that a condition.  

Roma's 5/5 ( the best buy in tomatoes.  They give more flesh for your dollar.  
Tillamook cheese 4.99@@
Five dollar Friday

Don't  get suckered in with small bags that are multiple priced.  Cheese 2/5 when the bags are 8 ounces   means you are paying five dollars a pound,  as contrasted to the Tillamook that is five dollars for TWO pounds.  Grated cheese at costco's wholesale is 2.31 ( about) a pound.  It comes Mexican blend and motts.  


Chicken 100 a pound.  
Grapes 1.88
Tomatoes .99
Sliced cheese 1.99- 6 pounds.   Well over five bucks a pound.
Frozen veggies 1.00- note sizes of packaging varies.  It's only a good buy of it is 16 ounces.  

Tomatoes .99
Corn on cob 3/1
Mission taco chips, tortillas 1.49 when u buy three.  

Buy five, save 5  net prices
Refried beans .89
Red vines 6.99
Enchilada sauce .69
Green chilies .69

Cukes .69

That about it.

Next time five dollar dinners.    Yes, it can be done and they can be nutritious without buying princess Martian  food.  

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Monday, April 27, 2015

I hate hackers

Someone hacked in and changed my password.  It took me a solid hour to fix the problem.   I'm sure that's who is stealing my identity too.   A certain country is hitting tens of times and looking at stuff no one would legitimately look at.  I'd really like to see those creeps caught!    It's frustrating that I have no control over catching them and the people that do don't.  

I digress.  

Fred Meyer ads
Fred Meyers continues to tote new low prices.  
Apples .88
Ground turkey 2.99
Canned veggies .59
Lettuce .99
Tomatoes 1.00 16 ounces
Apples .88
Broccoli .99
Pot roast 3.99
Bread 3/4@@
Ice cream 2/4@@
M and ms 2/5@@$$
Sour cream .99
Mission tortillas .99$$
Tomatoes 2/5$$
Radishes 2/1

Tri colour peppers are 3.99.  This last week, I got tri colour peppers 3/1 at grocery outlet, product of Canada.   This  is just one example of  watching your prices and knowing a bargain.  
Ground beef is 3.99.   I paid 2.97 last week at Hagens.   Buy when prices are downs; eat while they are high.  

I continue to buy only fresh perishables and want to see how long we can take to pare down the pantry and freezer.    I have maintained a 75.00 a week budget for some time now,   The first quarter I went over a little, but have been stocking a lot.   It's time  to reap  the benefits and see a true picture
of what we are really eating money wise.   It's got to be less than 75.00 a week.  

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Constantly on the lookout..,

The USDA has an app to help you know how long your food os still good after the pull date on the package.    The consensus is that we throw too much good food away in this country.  The app is called FoodKeeper.  

On another note, we  went to Bothell to make some deliveries.   I am always looking and checking other stores for their specialities.    I have noticed lately that some u tubes about dollar tree are showing  things our dollar trees don't have.   I don't buy a lot of decorator type stuff from the dollar tree.   I did, however, buy a mitt made from micro fiber .   It is supposed to clean blinds well.   I walked into the kenmore dollar tree and found ketchup for a buck and their was a .50 coupon on two of them.  Net cost .75.   They had more variety of the cookies in tins.  Pirouline pull date 2016.  Made in the USA.  

Grocery Outlet had Genoa salami for  2/1.00.   Sliced Smoked Gouda  was 2.39.   They also had a wide variety of Annie s organic foods as well as some of the normal stuff grocery outlets carry.   A very large jar of grape jelly was really cheap too.  I remember it was cheap, but I can't remember what  the cost was.  I'm thinking two bucks.  

Guess that's all.  

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Meal plans

I am a little over budget for the last three. I this.   A out five bucks.    I do have a huge inventory in the pantry and just bought ten pounds of grated cheese.m it is a lot,cheaper in five pound bags at Costco wholesale.    A whole lot cheaper!    Were going on an experiment to see how long we can go just buying perishables.    I went to Costco yesterday and bought bread, milk, and cheese.  

Meal plans

  • Salmon,veggies
  • Eggs, ham, fruit, hash browns 
  • Split pea  soup with ham, jalapeño corn bread 
  • Meat loaf , baked potatoes, fruit salad 
  • Pizza
  • Chicken soup, cheese biscuits 
  • Mac and cheese, peas and carrots. 

  • Pork stir fry, rice
  • Eggs , hash browns, fruit 
  • Fish and chips, vegetable sticks, coleslaw 
  • Pork tenderloin , scalloped potatoes, peas 
  • Pizza 
  • Meat ball subs 
  • Mac and cheese, peas and carrots. 

Easy no clean up fish 

Layer individual servings in parchment paper 

White beans , cooked or canned 
Green veggie ( broccoli, asparagus, green beans? ) 
Drizzle with olive oil.  

Seal pouches and bake on cookie sheet or sheet pan at 400 degrees for twenty minutes.   Check fish to see if it is cooked.   

From DOITONADIME.    On u tube.   She has a lot of ideas for organizing, and dollar store finds.  Some really good, some depend on your season in life!   She has a toddler!    LOL.  

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's a pantry week!

Not much good buys this week. Lucky for us, we shopped several stores last week  and we have plenty of perishables and stock to not shop for a week.   I'll list what's there.   There are a few coupon matchups, I think, I haven't read the fine print on the coupons  yet.  

The only ads this week are for Haggens stores.   QFC has a two week ad.  ( they didn't have much either, but milk is .99 at Fred Meyer and 4/5 at QFC.   We went to grocery outlet yesterday because we had other errands in the area and my husband had to check on something at work.   I got protein Cheerios for a buck, split peas for .99, six asstd sweet peppers for 1.99( grown in Canada) .  


Coupon in ad ten off fifty.
This week, I'm not seeing a plan.   Unless you have no stock built because canned goods are .77.  I really don't  need fifty dollars worth if canned goods, but if you are stocking from scratch,twenty percent off of .77 is a good buy.

Organic tomatoes , pint, 2/3
Corn .60
Bushes beans 2/3@@$$
Dreyers  2.99@@
Green chilies .99 can
( if you buy fifty dollars of oroducts, and no more, the discount with the coupon is twenty percent)
Canned goods sale.   With the twenty percent, a can is .62.

  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Refried beans 
  • Tomato sauce 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Tuna 
Five dollar Friday 
Ice cream 2/5
Salad greens 2/5
Life cereal 3/5 

Brownie mix .99@@
Tea 2.99@@
M and M s 2/6$$ ( BOGO print coupon.  ) 
Cherub tomatoes 2/6 $$

Eggs 2/3@@
Yoplait .38@@

Quarters sale 
Top ramen 3/.50
Tomato paste .50
HORMEL chili 1.00 $$?
Radishes and green onions .50
Shreds and garden salad .75 

That's about all.  

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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I sat down with an Excel spreadsheet program and made a meal plan/ grocery management form.   I have tried to do inventory sheets and they are too time consuming for their worth.  I have designated spots on the pantry shelf and can see at a glance when inventory is getting low.   Periodically I check dates and rotate the stock so that the oldest gets used first.

The form has two columns, one for things to use up, and one for things needed to fill on to make the meal plans.   One of the best ways to manage meat or protein is to buy the so called loss leaders and batch cook.   By using a matrix for your meals, you have a variety and can rotate out the loss leaders. Ideally you find one " meat" a week.   This week I found several.   It just means that I will spend less next couple of weeks.   I got hamburger for just under three dollars a pound,   it was supposed to be twenty percent, but judging from the fat it gave off, I think it was better than that.    I also got two pork tenderloins and a very large pizza.   The pork tenderloins have a bit of longevity on them and I put up seven pounds of hamburger and froze all but the meatloaf that we ate last night.  Mondays meal is pizza.   We cut the pizza in quarters when it comes from the store.   ( it's too big to fit in the oven or the fridge.  We can top it with everyone's preferences and bake as people get home.
I still have chicken in the freezer so we have a variety of meals.

There are some things that I keep one of in  the pantry for a back up.   As soon as we use that item out of the pantry I start looking for a sale.    I just pulled a ketchup, and found it for .80 at ALBERTSONS.  At that cost with summer coming up, I bought two.    Usually, unless I find a better sale, I can buy the same  brand  at the dollar store.

The dollar store has really good cookies.  MADE in AMERICA . That come in a tall skinny tin.  I bought them because the cookies taste good.( chocolate, right! ) and the tins are good storage for makeup brushes and some things in the craft room.   The can is worth a buck.

I have written  over a thousand posts all in the hopes of helping people.   I will do the basics again, but thought by seeing how the mental process works , some people might get a better picture.   All I know is that the process works.  It takes a little time.   But the operative word is little.   I know there are people that find the  time to cook all day.  I know there are people that find the time to clip coupons for forty hours a week.   Most people I know either work outside the home, or are retired and  volunteer and babysit grandchildren and have busy lives.  While this takes time, it doesn't take a lot of time.   Basically, you spend a little more time shopping and preparing for your trip, and less time cooking.  Batch cooking saves a lot of time.   The up shot of this is that you can put a meal together without a lot of effort, and eat more healthy foods.   Also, you never have an empty pantry and are prepared for life as it comes.    And the best part os that you can do it for less than themUSDA stats for thrifty.   I am still at less than seventy five dollars a week, which is about 15 percent below stats for just my husband and I.  We also supplement my daughter and granddaughter.   It's easier that way when I'm cooking already.

I posted information  I had from a spread sheet I found that was done April 2009.   The price differences are remarkable.   A few things haven't changed much, I think chicken may be Lowe, but a lot has really gone up.   I can still put good meals on the table for a five dollar bill.   Obviously, that is not a steak dinner-- but that is good food.   It's done with smart shopping, watching for bargains, and incorporating inexpensive sources of protein for some meals.  

Just some notes?


Saturday, April 18, 2015


Tomorrow's ads and smart source.  

The smart source has some really good coupons in it.  Some match with ads now running.  I don't know if using a coupon for hambirger helper works with another coupon or not, but probably
 not. Me personally I would,not buy hambirger helper,but if it made a pound of good hamburger free it might be worth it. Mi can always give the hamburger helper to the food bank.  

  • 1.00 off Tillamook cheese and ice cream 
  • .75 off hamburger helperb(3) 
  • ..50 off Manwich ( it's .80 at ALBERTSONS this week.   Nets 1.10 for two.)
  • 1.00 off hummus 

FRED Meyers

  • Peppers .77
  • Lettuce .99
  • Berries 2 lbs 2.98
  • Milk .99
  • Grapes 2.49
  • Oranges .89

Pacific organic soups 2/5.   ( tomato soup add blue cheese and basil, a little milk or cream.  YUM,    
Free tote bag while supplies last@@

About it. 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Going back to 2009.....

I found a meal plan list that was cost out from April 2009.   Complete with grocery list priced out and meals priced for a family of four.   What a difference six years makes !   LOL.

  • Pizza ( sausage, cheese, peppers, green salad.   3.21
  • Pizza ( chicken,pesto, mushrooms- BLT salad    3.82
  • Sausage quiche , French salad.    4.07
  • Tomato dill soup. , toasted cheese sandwich, fruit desert.  2.65
  • minestrone , cheese biscuits , fruit desert. 4.34
  • Pork stirfry.  Rice 2.22
  • Pork chops with apple stuffing.  Salad  3.64
  • Cheeseburger macaroni, veg sticks.  3.90
  • Roast beef a jus sandwiches, salad.   3.54
  • Chicken pot pie. 2.93
  • Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, salad.   4.39
  • Mac and cheese, broccoli. 2.12
  • Stuffed potatoes 3.00
  • Fish and chips.  Fruit salad.  5.49

A few comparison prices 

Chili .75
Eggs 1.09
Halibut 2.3
4 lbs ham 2.96
1.3 lbs broccoli 1.03
5 lbs apples 2.69
Diced tomatoes .75
5 baggettes  3.99
Bread .75
Cake mix .75
English muffins 1.00
Pasta .75
Taco shells 1.00
Pizza 2.33
Cheese 4.99/ 5 lbs
Milk 1.89

That's a real eye opener.    


After the trip....

We went to SAFEWAYS today..   That's three stores this week.   I got two pork tenderloins,mKe cups, blueberries, pizza and jalapeño corn bread.   I am still under budget for the month.  M Ok, 2.47 a week, but still I'm under.  

Before we went I made up the seven pounds of hambirger that I bought yesterday.   I made

  • Crumbles
  • Patties
  • Meatloaf 
  • Meatballs 
While I was doing that, my husband thre a pot of split pea soup on the slow cooker.   I will take some out and fry the ham cubes to put on the rest of it.   

I made meal plans for the next week.    

I'm exhausted, my kegs don't want to work.  But,I don't really have to cook the rest of the week.    
I also cleaned out and rearranged th pantry a bit.    

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beat it!

I did go to Hagens,   I bought only things that I had on my list, a little less hamburger and I added some potatoes because we were all out.   My,husband kept a running total on the solar calculator and we spent 50.55 and got ten dollars back.   I then went to ALBERTSONS and got 17.43 worth of sale items.

I In actuality got the following things for .80 each

Canned beans
Pasta sauce
Albacore tuna

There is a pic on Facebook page, janes groceries on the cheap.  

Gremlins did it!

I had a very long post done.  The I pad went screwy ( cockeyed post) and I lost it.   So here goes a shorter version.

SAFEWAYS has chicken for .99 again.  The also have hamburger ( 9 percent) for 3.99.
Berries are 2/4
Oranges .99

Five dollar Friday
Pork tenderloin - ( 18-32 ounces) **
Lemon meringues pie
Cheerios 3/5$$


Grapes 1.68
Apples .99

Buy ten dollars, save two.
Nets each at .80

Pasta sauce
BBQ sauce

This is a two week ad

Berries 2/4
Broccoli .99
Milk 4/5

**. QFC has pork tenderloins BOGO.   They are the same price as SAFEWAYS five dollar Friday, but SAFEWAYS are larger.
 There is a coupon for ten dollars  off of fifty dollars.    If you can plan your trip to stay exactly at the fifty dollars, you can make out.   The deal breaker here is the hamburger.   20 percent is 3.69 at Hagens,  It is 3.99 for 9 percent at SAFEWAYS.  We need to do the math.

9 percent hamburger works out to be.  3.99X 1.09 equals  4.35 a pound.
20 percent hamburger works out to be 3.69 X 1.20 equals 4.43.
At this point the nine percent would be the better deal.  But, if you can stay at the fifty dollars, the twenty percent os the deal breaker.


Apples .89
Berries 2 lb 3.98
Roma's .89
Buns 2/4
Nalleys chili .99@@
Ice cream 2/5
Beans 1.00
C sea albacore tuna 1.00
Veggies , frozen 1.00

You can make out if you plan your trip.   Start with the hamburger and ten pounds.  You can make meatloaf, meatballs.taco meat  and crumbles for pizza, pasta sauce or chili.   Then fill in the things that at .80 would be a good buy and fruits.    Keep a running total and quit at fifty dollars.
That maximizes your trip to make twenty percent off.   Normally, Haggens would not be a good deal. Weeks before the prices were over retail and it was marking up to mark down, netting regular price.

The key is knowing prices of the things you normally buy, not buying expensive garbage like potato chips, and   Buying enough shelf ready and frozen to last you until the next sale.   Shopping two stores and planning your trip.  Plan for the gas consumption.  If you need to shop two different days and tag the trip with other errands.   A little planning saves time in the grocery store and saves a lot of money.   Anything worth doing os worth putting some effort onto it.

   I was in the rehab for a month.   My daughter cooked out of the pantry.   It saved a lot of time and money.

I also got a coupon for Fred Meyers for ten off of fifty that includes clothes, and  household items.  Maybe plants?  

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Shopping trip

The biggest thing about shopping and saving money is not to buy junk food and not to fall into the impulse buy trap.  Stores work hard to tempt you into impulse buys.    It's not by accident that they put kids treats right as you walk in the door.  

I did go to Fred Meyers yesterday after we volunteered to fill food bags for kids.   I bought fruits and dairy products  because that's all we needed.     The easter candy was 75 percent off,so I did buy a .30 Easter egg.    Total 28.00.  

Meal plans are another way to beat the high cost of food.   Having a plan, even I'd you deviate from the plan is always good.    I like to do prep work early in the day .  We don't get the family together until seven o'clock.  By that time my get up and go has got up and went, so ot is harder to stay on the plan.  

Yesterday we had chicken pot pot  using my homemade soup base mix and bisquick recipe.    I finished off the meal with a fruit cup of fresh fruit.  

We had fish and chips Saturday and meatloaf on Friday.  

My meal plan matrix is a good way to make meal planning easy.  Your matrix may be different, but having one simplifies the process.

2 chicken or pork
2 beef
2 vegetarian
1 fish or shellfish.  

Before my daughter switched back to being a full vegetarian. That meant that I could cook one meal five out of the seven days.   Now, she cooks her own, but that means I have double dishes to wash.  
Tex mex helps. It stretches the beef and can be adjusted to accommodate vegetarian without extra work.  I can also make split pea  soup and  just add fried ham to ours.  Everybody eats fish.

The cost of food is slowly rising, despite the claim that some stores are lowering prices.   Our insurance bills are rising as well.   The COL raise for social security was a joke.   Insurance costs have taken more than all of it.   LOL.   I am still maintaining a 75.00 a week food budget and have a full pantry and freezer.  Basicly that means that we are eating less than seventy five dollars a week in food.   The USDA stats are 84.90 for just my husband and me.

We eat well.  We do not eat organic all the time, nor do we eat food made my Martians on an obscure planet.    LOL.  We just eat real food, the less processed mixes the better.   When it is practical, I make my own bisquick and soup bases.   I was getting soup bases for free.   It made more sense in the scheme of things for us to use them while we could.  

Life changes.   Stores change.  Groceries on the cheap means you have to be flexible and contine the quest to find good food cheap-- not cheap food.  

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fred Meyers - ad

 Fred Meyers ad totes that they have new low prices.  I'm. It seeing many lower prices.  

Cantaloupe .39
Pork loin 1.88
Butter 1.88
Broccoli .99
Apples .99
 Yoplait 10/5
Pasta sauce .89.   I would rather have .80.  

Eggs 4/5@@
Ice cream - Tillamook 2/6
Red vines 5.99
Pears .88

That's about it.  

I would caution not to buy bags of fruits .  I have found several times lately at different stores that there were all or many that were bad.    you are better off licking your own,  

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We went to Winco today.  Most ofmthemfrodge ads don't have enough good buys this week to tempt me,   QFC and FM have chicken cheap and berries continue to be a good buy.  

My  husband asked at Winco and they told him that Edmonds  was the,next town to get a Winco.  
I'm sure glad.   It's a long ways up there.   Today we went to a scrapbook place forst and got lost so ot took us a while and a phone call to find it.  

Oranges amd strawberries were a good price.  I got hamburger, about average for the good stuff.  I like their whole wheat pita bread and their hummus is really a reasonable price.   Beer is a really good buy, about the cheapest we have seen.  

I am still more than in budget.  

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Sunday, April 5, 2015


Bartells had some sales.   They had Colgate toothpaste for 5/5.   They had some tubes that had extra product in them.    I am all set for a trip to the women's shelter.  

They had deodorant on sale.  According to the paper it worked for a coupon, but it wasn't there when I got to the store.   I did find my russet stovers sugar free candy  1.19.   It's two dollars and up usually and they had a wide variety of flavors.  

Fred Meyers has chicken for .88'a pound.   They has grapes on sale,but they didn't look too good.  
Milk was a buck with an in ad coupon.    Also orange  juice and chocolate milk.  

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fridays trip

Yesterday we went to the dollar store and SAFEWAYS.  There was the deli Pozza on five dollar Fridays.   I bought fresh berries, but other than that I just bought what I needed for our part of Easter dinner.  

We made pizzas last night and have enough left for lunches.  
I cut the pizza in quarters so ot would for on the oven and fridge.  
I topped each differently and added more cheese.  

  • Ham and red peppers ( bought in sale for fifty cents and chopped and frozen,   ) 
  • Buffalo chicken, ( chicken from my daughters southwest chop salad that she had put on the side.  ) 
  • Pepperoni ( .50 a package with coupon ) 
  • Cheese and pesto with black olives.   
Ham cubes were five dollars a package.   You can add ham to a lot of things for protein.   

Egg omlettes, split pea soups loaded baked potato soup, chefs salad, pizzas, sandwiches,   

Just some notes .   

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Not chicken dinner.

We had Mac and cheese and mixed veggies for dinner last night,   I made white sauce from a mix I made myself and added bits of cheese from the cheese drawer and cooked  added fiber pasta and a bread crumb and parsley topping with parm.   Added frozen mixed veggies .

The pasta was on sale for .69 and I had a coupon for .55 off two.   Net .42 and I used 3/4 of a package.   .(31.) The  mix was a pantry item as well as the breadcrumbs that were made from free bread I got from the bakery outlet and parsley.   We ised 1/2 a bag of veggies I got for .79 (.40) .  I used two partial bags of cheese ( with pesto ) from the grocery outlet and a couple more handfuls from the 2.21 a pound cheese from Costco wholesale.    2.50.   Total cost 3.21.  

Now, if you had bought cheese for 9.00 a two pound Block, and pasta for 1.59, and 2.40 a box bread get the point,   The food would have been the same but the cost would have at least doubled.  

Yesterday I planned our grocery trip.  I added a couple of things that were unadvertised and good buys,   I spent 25.00

I got
A 2 lb brick of Tillamook cheese.
2 - boxes of rice crispies
2- boxes of high fiber pasta
1 box of ritz crackers
1 pie
2 packages of pepperoni
1 carton ice cream
2 lbs strawberries
2 wrap sandwiches.
2 - 2 lb bags frozen potatoes.

That is  far from a weeks groceroes, but a lot of food for my buck.  I used coupoms whenever I could.

That's how you stretch a buck on groceries,

  • Study the ads and plan your trip.  
  • Match coupons to as much as possible purchasing only what you will eat.   
  • Work around what's in season and on sale to plan meals.   
  • Stock so that of there are no really good sales on a given week you can just buy the perishables you need to fill in meal plans.   I can usually sale the dairy, staples and meat and buy the best quality for the least price  of produce on season and use frozen to sub if I need to.    



Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I did go to QFC after a quick trip to the goodwill.  I found my favorite brand of pants, brand new .  It was seniors day so I got another twenty percent off.   Also a couple of books on knotting and healthy cooking and an outfit for grandbaby.  

QFC netted us a 52 percent savings per their calculations,   I used about six dollars in coupons and bought ten fifty cent off items.    In addition pepperoni was a buck for one and I had a dollar off two coupon.   Nets BOGO.    I had coupons for almost everything I bought and everything was a good buy.   I did buy rice crispies  so we could make Easter treats.  

Taking advantage of sales and discounts helps you live a better quality of life than your income may allow.

The ads


Spiral ham 1.99
Strawberries 2.99
BREYERS, Klondike bars 2/5
Butter 1.99@@
Canned vegetables 2/1@@
Good ground beef  3.99@@


Strawberries 2.99
Pineapple z2/5
Salad 2/5
Milk 2/5

Five dollar Friday

Pudding ring 2/5
Black or blues  2/5
Pizza , deli
Ice cream 2/5


10.00 off fifty coupon

Spiral ham 3.99
Spiral ham HORMEL 1.99

Pineapple 2/4
Broccoli 1.00
Strawberries 3.98
Cream soup .99@
Romaine hearts 2.49 (3)
Green beans 2.49
Butter 3.99


HORMEL spiral ham 1.88
Sirloin tip roast 3.99
Strawberries 1,88
Asparagus 1,99
Cheese 5.99
Green beans 1.99
Oranges .99
Blues 2/7
Eggs 2.49
Cr mushroom 1.00

Buy 10, save 5. Net costs.

Pasta .69$$
Ritz 1.99$$
Butter1.99**frozen potatoes 2.49$$

Notes :  
$$ means there are coupons out there.  You can really score.   Also note that while Haggens has a coupon for effectively twenty percent off if you carefully spend only fifty dollars, the prices are as much as a dollar more on a lot of things.   Butter is 3.99.   It's 1.99 at QFC.  Frozen potatoes are 2.99 at Haggens, 2.49 at QFC.   Homeless ham is 1.88 at AFC, 1.99 at HAGGENS.  

Over the fifty dollars, I don't think you would be money ahead. Mi had a hard time last week spending twenty dollars buying the things that were the same price or lower at Haggens.  

There are new coupons on .  You snooze, you loose.   Big ones go fast,

@@means that there is an in ad coupon.  

That's about all I have.

Remember to bring your ad, your coupons , and your list.  
Watch for unadvertised specials on the things on your target list.  
Be flexible.   If asparagus is too expensive or looks bad, try green beans. Etc.  

Happy shopping.!