Sunday, May 31, 2015

The ads

This is a quick one.

Fred Meyers

Tomatoes .88
Shrimp 5.99
Ice cream. Tillamook 2.99
Mayo 1.99
Pasta sauce .89
Lettuce .99
Apples .99
Milk .99
Berries 2/5
Corn 6/3

Tuesday is senior day with coupon 10 percent off private label foods.

That's all.

Plane Jane Cards...not so ordinary hand crafted greetings has gone ETSY,

No, I can spell.  The ETSY people didn't like the correct spelling?     Go figure!    

In other news, I haven't received the newspaper yet today.   I decoded to go a week without shopping.   We are overflowing in the pantry and need to pare down.   Meal plans help use up food on an appropriate amount of time and save the brain when it's tired and hungry!   LOL.  It's a struggle here when I have a husband that won't eat vegetables, a daughter that won't eat mest, and myself that can't eat many starches!   I guess we could be jack sprat , but that's bit to balanced.   LOL

Food prices are still higher than I would like.   Fred Meyer is advertising new low prices and, in fact, some of their prices  are lower.   I see a sign that Winco is coming soon.  I hope it is sooner than later.   A little competition will lower prices.

The basic points of a lower food bill are still the same in any economy.  The last couple of. Onths I have been over budget about five bucks  a week.  I have, however, got a huge surplus and we will pare it down with little to no shopping the next month or so.

Basic theory still works.

Plan and organized cook from scratch, and shop wisely.

  1. Plan meals to use what you have and make for a variety of foods.   It keeps the drive through daemons out of the tired brain.  LOL 
  2. KNOW YOUR PRICES !!!!!   The best tool you can have is to know your prices and only buy the article if you find the lowest price.  Buy enough to last you until you find a sale again.   That can't work for dire necessities, but it works for a lot of the market basket.  
  3. It's a whole different approach to buying groceries.   You don't necessarily buy a weeks worth of food. You do, however, always have food in the house.  
  4. Cook from scratch most of the time.  There are, as the USDA  predicted, some things that are cheaper to buy ready made.   A lot of things are more expensive ready made.   It takes doing some math.   There are some things that are not worth the effort in a normal household to make from scratch.   Few of us have the time to spend all day cooking.    The crock pot os a real time and money saver.   It can cook all day and you can still work all day.    Making your own mixes can save time and money when you are pressed at dinner time.   I used to make bisquick, but it calls for shortening, and I'm not really into shortening these days.    I do make white sauce mix that is better for you than the real stuff ( less fat) and taco seasoning.   ( see older posts for more recipes) 
  5. Planning meals, again, helps a lot. Mi have a matrix for meals that helps.   I designed a form that has the days of the week, and two columns.  Things to use up, and things we need to fill in for meals.   I have a matrix.  2 beef, 2 chicken or pork, 2 vegetarian , and a fish or shellfish.  Your matrix may be different according to your preferences.   
  6. Know the tricks the retailers use to get you to buy more.   NEVER buy non food items at the grocery store.  They are the highest mark up of anything.   
  7. Another NEVER. Is never impulse buy.  Know what you are going to buy and pretty much stick to it,   That is why going to the store to buy one day at a time is bad news.  You are bombarded with impulse buys and you are laying top dollar for your food.   
  8. Always, if at all possible., shop two stores.   They will usually have different things on a real sale, and if a produce tom doesn't look good, you have another option other than going without.   
  9. Use coupons.  Yes, there are coupons for real food.  
  10. Buy supplies from the dollar store.   Yes, there are a lot of junk things at the dollar store, but there is also a lot of good stuff that is a lot,cheaper,than their counterparts at other stores.  
  11. Don't overlook alternative stores.  Big lots os,not as good since they decided to take snap.  Their prices are more than retail.  But there are still good prices at the drug stores and grocery outlet.   
That's about all.   Ads later.  

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Friday, May 29, 2015

The ads - May 27-June 2 2015

Here are the ads .   On the Pacific NW we are in summer mode about now,   One if the tricks I have for surviving a hit kitchen is to make a bunch of salads and cook a entrĂ©e to go with them each night.  

On to the ads

Spinach .89
Tomatoes 1.29
Milk 2/5
Hunts tomatoes 1.00-   $$ coupon makes them .60-
Manwich 1.00
Freshetta pizza 3.99@@
Nathan's hot dogs. BOGO- don't know if this is a bargain or not

Grapes 1.88
Blues 3.99
Eggs  2/3
Milk 1.00
Yogurt  2/88
Ice cream 2/5
Sour cream 1.00
Pie 3.99

Grapes 2.77
Peaches 1.99
Freshetta or dijorno 4.99

Five dollar Friday
Cinnamon rolls
Eggs 3/5 -  1.67 ea
Berries 5.00

Cheese 4.99@@
Yoplait. .38@@

Buy 5 save 5

Berries 3.99
10 lbs potatoes 1.99
Digiorno 4.99
K cups 4.99
Brownie mix .99

Top round is 2.99-  that would be a great price to grind hamburger!  
That's all .  

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fred Meyers ad

Quick fm ad today.

Grill pack chicken .89
Raspberries 4/5

Peeled baby carrots .99
Apples, asst.   .99
Lettuce .99
30 percent hamburger 2.97
Eggs 4/5
Grapes 1.88
Cantaloupe .59
Jello or cool whip .79@@
Black olives .99@@
Tomatoes  2/4
Yoplait .39

That's about it,

Jello and cool whip make a low carb parfait when you use sugar free jello.
Yogurt is cheap, parfaits, Popsicles?   For Popsicles mix vanilla yogurt with fruit juice ( orange) add a splash of vanilla and freeze on pops.   A lot more healthy for the kids than sugar water!  

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Four plus one is five- four people, one meal,Five bucks.

This is an  example of  4 people, 1 meal, five bucks.   This is meant to be for a proverbial family of two adults and two school aged children and is based in a three hundred dollar month budget.    This is, however, real time prices and an actual non- passive to,e of five minutes!  

Individual  pizzas, green salad

Individual pizza crusts  - 2.00 - Dollar  Tree
Tomato sauce - 1/2 can   ..25 ALBERTSONS
Italian seasoning.  - n/a
Sliced black olives 1.00
Grated white cheese  .50 - 1.00 for 8 ounces at Grocery Outlet
Pepperoni -1/2 pkg .25.   - 1.00 a package at dollar tree less,1.00 coupon for two makes it .50 a package.  

Salad  - free with coupon add tomatoes. 1.00.  

Total 5.00

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

10 money and time saving things I did today

  1. I got up while the house  was quiet and paid bills and balanced the budget book.   
  2. I wrote a money saving shopping blog. 
  3. I cleaned the fridge and sliced veggies and cooked the hamburger for dinner.   
  4. I designed a pattern in holes of putting  it for sale on etsy.   
  5. I Looked up the cost of making the kits.   
  6. I went to goodwill and bought a sun suit for granddaughter for twenty percent off the already cheap price. 
  7. I purchased velvet hangers cheaper  than Costco at goodwill, again on a twenty percent discount .
  8. I came home, are  my homemade lunch and set out to clean and purge my short rack in the closet, ready to take a load to goodwill.   
  9. I made banana, blueberry bread to use the ripe bananas that were left, and my own jello for jello parfait.   
  10. I grocery shopped making best use of the specials and coupons.   
I'm finishing dinner and going to bed!     

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Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Sales can be a good time to stock up on picnic type supplies for the summer.   I am posting the prices of several typical things for this time of year.  You will need to cross off those items that are a higher price than elsewhere to find the best buys.   Also check coupon matchups.  


Cantaloupe  .59
Country style ribs. 1.99
grapes 2.49
blues 5.00-18 ounces
Johnsonville sausage 2/5$$
BBQ sauce .99@@
Dreyers 2.99@@
Corn 3/89@@
romas 1.00
Tillamook Cheese 7.99


BBQ sauce 399@@
Bushes Beans @@ check for manufacturers coupon

Buy 4 save 2 net prices

Strawberries 3.99 2 lbs
Hebrew National franks 2/7.00
Breyers 2/5
Butter 1.99
Johnsonville Brats 3.99 ck coupons


Peppers 1.00
Dreyers 2.88
Bushes beans 3/5
Corn 8/2
Buns .88

Five Dollar Friday
Chocolate Boston Cream
Ice Cream 2/5
Blues and Raspberries 12-18 ea
5 lbs gold medal flour 2/5
10 count K cups

that's about it.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Meal plans from the ads

This is an attempt to show my thought process in making meal plans on the cheap.    That is, you use what's on sale and rotate meats to take advantage of bulk and special pricing .

Example.   In the last weeks I got

  • pork loin roast 1/2 for 1.88 ( about five pounds ) 
  • Chicken for .88 ( it's .88 at SAFEWAYS this week too.   ) (5 lbs) 
  • Fred Meyers has good hamburger for 3.99.  ( 5 lbs) 
That's 15 pounds of meat for an average of 2.25 a pound.   14 meals for an average of 2.25 a meal.   
Add a starch and a vegetable or fruit or both and you are still under five dollars a meal for the proverbial family  of four.    

These figures are based on a snap allotment of three hundred dollars a month.    It's real easy to spend more if your situation and budget permits.   It makes more sense to me to show examples off bottom line amounts and let people use their discretion if they have more to spend.    

This is an example of buying the loss leaders and precooking or dividing in meal portions to save, time and money.   It's probably,no secret that if you put a whole roast in front of a young man, he would choose to eat the whole roast and ignore the veggies.   Portion controlling the meat allows children to eat the rest of the meal and have a  be well balanced diet.    It's also,no secret that we eat far to much meat in this  country and that might not be as healthy as we would like.   

I use a matrix for meal plans.  It makes it quick and easy and balances our proteins .  Your matrix may be different.   
  • 2 beef
  • 2 chicken or pork 
  •  2 vegetarian 
  • 1 fish or shellfish
I can usually get eggs for a dollar or a dollar and a quarter at Fred Meyers.   I stock up.  Most of the time there is a month out on the pull dates.    This  makes for enough to have breakfast for dinner one night a week.    French toast,scrambled   eggs, chocolate waffles and yogurt parfaits are a welcome surprise every once In a while.   Desert for dinner, the kids love it.   Younger parfaits are layering in a glass: plain or vanilla yogurt , blueberries, and granola.  Yogurt is .38 at ALBERTSONS?

From five pounds of ground beef you can make, taco meat, crumbles for pasta sauce, and a two pound meat loaf.   My mother used to make meatloaf , baked potatoes ( a buck at Fred Meyers ) and squash.   All in the oven.   Oven roasted veggies would also be good.  (

Mac and cheese is always a winner here.   Cheese was two dollars a pound at Fred Meyers last week. I can always get grated cheese for 2.30 or so at business Costco.    There is a recipe for quick white sauce in a previous blog.   Add frozen veggies or green beans  to the meal and you are set.  A fruit desert adds to the nutrition.

I made a fish packet dinner last week.  Layer on parchment in individual portions, fresh spinach, white fish, white beans, a green veggie ( asparagus was really cheap at the fresh food market , or you can use fresh green beans ) drizzle with olive oil and wrap tightly.   Bake in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes on a baking sheet with sides.    Easy and no clean up.   Be careful opening the packets, there may be steam!

From the chicken that is .88 a pound .
I'm making chicken soup as I'm writing this.   I will make a loaf of parm bread on the bread baker or make a loaf of brown and serve sourdough.  ( .95 at Costco) or bake cheese biscuits.

Chicken pot pie is another favorite. I have a coupon from QFC for free frozen veggies and a pound of Hebrew national franks.
The holiday weekend is always a good time to stock up on low priced picnic food providing it is a good price.   I got catsup for .75 at the dollar  store for a name brand.

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Tomorrow's ads for Fred Meyers

A quick blog, another with meals from the ads .  

The smart source that comes in the newspaper has a coupon for fifty cents off two suddenly salads.   The dollar store takes coupons and has suddenly salad.  Just check with the manager to be sure it is in their computer.  It os a legit coupon, it's just that when I went before, it wasn't in the computer and the manager was lost in space!    It is a good fast side if you are I a hurry.   Used to use it on the boat.  

There is also a coupon for a dollar  off of Digiorno pizza.  

Fred Meyers has

Blueberries 1.99
Good ground beef 3.99
Tuna .79
Lettuce .99
Potatoes, 5 lbs .99
Apples .99
Ritz 3/5@@$$
Tillamook ice cream 2.99@@
Red vines 5.99@@
Cucumbers, or green peppers 2/1.00

That's about all

Thanks. See you I'm a minute with meal plans and notes.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

The ads

QFC has a two week ad.  Methods os the second week for these deals.

Berries 2/4
Broccoli .99
Milk 4/5
Oranges .88
Strawberries 2/5

Mangos 5/3
Spinach .89
Nalleys chili .99@@

Tillamook yogurt .38@@

Coupon mania
Hunts BBQ sauce .99@@
Frozen entres .78@@

Corn 4/2
Berries BOGO.  Hard to tell if that's a good price or not.
Chicken .88
Coffee 7.99$$?
Brownie mix .99@@

Five dollar Friday
Bushes beans 5/5$$
Solid white tuna 5/5

There are a just for you coupon for three dollars off of twenty.  

With some effort, you could probably,come up woth twenty dollars worth of good buys.  

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Monday, May 11, 2015

My marathon cooking

I have a five pound chicken that we purchased for .88 a pound at Fred Meyers.   I also have a six pound pork loin I purchased for 10.38.   Total about 15.00.  

Today in 40 minutes, I marathon cooked it all-- kinda sor of.  

I put the chicken in a crockpot with carrots on the bottom and a dry rub.  Cook it for an hour a pound on high.   Makes for good breast meat and the rest is like pulled chicken for sandwiches, tacos, casseroles etc.

I butchered the pork loin into

  • Two packages of two pork chops. 
  • A two pound roast  for roast pork, BBQ pork sandwiches 
  • A crockpot 1/2 full of pork cubes being slow cooked on salt, pepper, beer.   For pork stew, and tacos, or enchiladas, or to put in a soup.    
12 meals for us for 15.00.    Now, there are only two of us that eat meat.   I would guess that nine meals could be had for a proverbial family of four ( two adults and two school aged children) I'm not talking teen age boys here! LOL.   

This is a quick marathon session.  It takes me a whole lot longer when I do ten pounds of hamburger into 
  • Meatballs
  • Meatloaf
  • Hamburger crumbles 
  • Taco meat
On another note, I found a u tube a fellow made making a tex-mex dinner of refried beans, Spanish roce, and enchalladas.  I was mostly interested in a quick and easy enchalada sauce. I found it as cheap as fifty cents, but homemade would be cheaper.   

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

10 ways to save bucks on food.

After watching numbers is videos on cheap eats, I feel compelled to wrote ten ways to saveon groceries   without eating chickpea tofu or potatoes, breaded chicken, carrots and corn bread....can you spell pure starch!     LOL. To each his own, but it's not mainstream in my eyes.

I digress. Here goes.

  1. Stick to coffee tea, milk, and water out of the tap.    Herbal teas are really good, and make good iced tea.  Fruit teas can be found at the dollar tree or on sale with coupons. Sodas are expensive and have little food value.   
  2. Avoid the chip isle .  Popcorn in bulk (Costco) is cheap and actually healthy when popped with an air popper.   
  3. Think out of the box  and try new recipes,knowing that simple foods cost less and are easier to cook.   
  4. A hop the perimeter of the store.  The big sellers are going to be at eye level on the shelves.   Manufacturers pay for shelving fees.  Those fees are going to be passed on to you.  Look up and look down.    Buy fresh fruits and veggies that are in season.   You get  better taste for less money.   Buy typical holiday foods when they are in sale at or nearly after the holiday.   
  5. Stock your staple items.  Those are things you go for frequently when cooking dinner that are shelf ready.   Set yourself a quantity limit and a price limit.   That would be the rock bottom price (RBP) That  it sells for.   The object is to replenish when the proce is at it's lowest.   
  6. Don't be brand loyal.   Store brands are often lots cheaper.  
  7. Don't be grocery store loyal.   Show the two stores that have what you need at the lowest prices that week.   Go, get what you,need, and get out.  The  longer you stay in a store, the more money you will spend.  
  8. Buy the protein loss leader for the week.   Buy it in bulk, cook it if appropriate and portion control in packages you will need for one meal.   Rotate meats on a monthly basis. 
  9. Plan meals.   Write an outline that best suits your family and is still within a Budget.  Our matrix is 2 beef, 2'chicken or pork, 2'vegetarian, and 1'fish or shellfish,  plan some quick and easy meals to avoid the let's go through the fast food line or order pizza syndrome.   
  10. Keep track of your vegetable bin and adjust meals to incorporate things that need to be eaten soon.   There are apps that let you plug in an ingredient and it tells you,what you can make. The USDA also has an ap that takes the guess  work out of  knowing if a particular food is good to eat.    

Fred meyers haul!

We did go to Fred Meyers.

I spent 37.61 with coupons

1 chicken
1 French fries 1.89
English cucumber
2 pkg granola bars

I need to work the meal plans and include the produce I bought.

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Happy Mother's Day

Since I can't sleep and I have already cleaned the bathroom and reorganized the shelves, I thought I would get  a head  in a Mother's Day post.   LOL

There was a show in the 50's called I remember MAMA.   I was laying  here thinking of all the things that stood out about my mother.   My grocery shopping Savvy came from my mother and a whole lot of reading and trial and error.   I am still evolving.   My mother had many talents.   I miss her every day.  

On another subject.   There are a lot of organizational posts on u tube.  Many are from young people and their dollar store hauls.    The best organizational tip for your kitchen is to put things where you use them.   The less steps you can take to get a job done,the more jobs you can do .   The more you do by scratch in the kitchen, the more money you can save.    I have the coffee and tea pots on the kitchen counter above the dishwasher. It's next to the sink so filling the units is easy. The  cupboard above the dishwasher  has cups, tea, and teapots.  

Unloading the dishwasher, if you pull all of one thing out at a time and stack plates and bowls, you are taking one trip to the cupboard to out them in.   I know some people that set the dinner table on the morning as they unload the dishwasher.   It saves a step and the table is ready for dinner.  

Prepping food as it comes home from the store, or sometime afterwards when you have the uninterrupted time, saves tome and money.  I just saw  a clever lady make hummus, place it in portion cups ( Betty crocker at the dollar store- several in a package) .  Then she cut pita bread and packed it on a quart zip lock.   It was all ready for her to grab out of the fridge  and take to work or for kids to take to school.  

Getting organized is a real key to savvy grocery shopping and carrying the idea in through to meal plans and using up perishables before they go bad.  

Checking the fridge and incorporating things on the edge onto your meals is a real money saver.   Use the USDA app to check the actual pull dare on foods before you toss them.  Obviously of they are growing hair prettier than yours,they need to get pitched.  LOL.

It takes so,e effort to stay in top of things, but the savings are well worth it. You spend more time managing your stock and shopping, and less time cooking.    It all averages out.   After you get into a routine, it actually probably takes less time than you took before.  

I do less than I did before the store closed, but in some ways I do more.  I expanded my business and still keep house and babysit and belong to a women's group.  

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big savings- Fred Meyers

Fred Meyers has really good buys this week.  

Tillamook cheese  - 2 lbs, limit one 3.99
Foster farms chicken .88
Berries 2/4
Good ground beef 3.88
Tomatoes .97
English cucumbers .99
Broccoli. .99
Tillamook yogurt .39
Dreyers 2/5@@
Butter 3/5@@
Milk .99@@

That's about all

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The ads 5-5-15

The ads.  I'm not impressed this week.  Fred Meyers was about the best on Sunday that I see.  None the less, here are the ads.  

Groceries on the cheap is a different way of looking at how you shop and cook food.  The basis of it comes from my mother.  I have been working in the concept of good food cheap for about fifty years now and have perfected a system that works.  It works in any economy, anytime.   I spend
Seventy five dollars a week for my husband and I and supplement my daughter and her daughter.  With that, I have amassed  a large pantry.   I am in perishable foods only mode with feed exceptions to pare down the stock.    Ot will be interesting to see what the stats for the next few months play out.  

Basically, the mantra is never pay full price for anything.    You buy when your staple items and a meat is at it's lowest, and eat when it is the highest price.    I take the  so called loss leader of meat and I buy enough to last us for a months worth of that type of meal.   I precook if appropriate and freeze.  Working on a four week cycle.   I have a matrix for meal plans that makes it  easier and faster to set your meals for the week.

  • 2 beef
  • 2 pork or chicken 
  • 2 vegetarian 
  • 1 fish or shellfish
Your matrix may be different.   Use whatever works for your family.

This is more detailed on earlier posts.   

I digress....the ads 

Strawberries 2 lbs 3.88
Cantelope  .69
Salads 2/5
Corn 4/2
Yoplait 5/10
Kens salad dressing bogo$$. 
Cucumbers 1.00

Five dollar Friday 
Blues - 18 ounces 


Blues  3.00  - 6 ounces *
Raspberries 5.00- 12 ounces *
Tillamook cheese 3.99 - 1 lb*
Corn 5/3*
Barilla 4/4@@
No bargains here.   Cheese is 5-6 on sake all the time for TWO pounds!  Same brand.   

QFC - two weeks 
Broccoli .99
Berries 2/4 6 ounces
Oranges .88 
Tomatoes ,99
Barilla 3/4**


Cucumbers 1.00
Salad 2/4
Blues 18 ounces 8.99**
Berries - 6 ounces 3/10 ( 3.33) 

Note wide range of prices for berries.   

Blues  per 18 ounces 
QFC 6.00
Haggens. 9.00
SAFEWAYS  5.00 (Friday only) 

So much for ads.  Again, it's a holiday weekend, not much in sales.   

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fred Meyer breakdown

Total spent 29.10
The biggest purchase was a pork loin, actually a half pork loin for 10.34.   I will cut it up and make several meals put of it, freezing some.   It was over five pounds since it was 1.88 a pound,  

  • A roast 
  • Pork chops 
  • Cubes for stew 
  • Stir fry 
  • Fried rice.   
  • BBQ sandwiches sliced thin.   

My aunt used to grind a roast leftovers, add  mayo and pickle and use it for sandwiches .   

  • Green beans and white corn (6) the limit on the coupon.   .50 beats 1.59. 
  • Cherub baby tomatoes 3.49 plus shredded lettuce .88 minus a dollar coupon.   ( tacos) 
  • 10 Yoplait at .50
  • 2 eggs at .99
  • 2 milk at .99
  • Mayonaise 1.99

I had no Yoplait coupons this time.   

I made  a salad for a pot luck last night .  

Orzo .45 with coupon 
Pickled asparagus ( dollar store) 
Baby tomatoes cut in half 
Black olives ( on my replenish list ) - my target price is 1.00. 
Orange peppers ( 3/1 at grocery outlet ( Canadian) 
Italian dressing ( .75 a bottle on sale) 

That's about all.   

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Five frugal things

Five frugal things I used the last few days.
1) got a haircut while they  were 1/2 price.  
2)not six tops that retailed for 35-39.00 for 3.15 each!
3) got a beautiful scarf at the dollar store.
4) spent 28.99 at Fred Meyers and got a cooler full plus two bags full of good actual foods using specials and coupons.
5) bought a new 70.00 top at the goodwill for ten bucks.
Bonus is 6) I made 16 cards with the one sheet wonder I designed!  

You can have a decent lifestyle on a meager budget!    I downloaded the months coupons from coupons,com.   There were not many coupons for real food.

I did buy five plus pounds of pork loin.   We can have pork roast, stirfry, pork chops, pork stew, pork fried rice.    Etc.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Fred Meyer ad

Good time for basic food this week at Fred Meyers .   Milk and eggs are both a buck.    Oranges Are .59.  

Boneless half loin roast is 1.88
Lettuce .99
Apples .99
Broccoli .99
Hunts pasta sauce .89
Pace picante sauce 1.89 ( 16 ounces ). Note the small one at the dollar store.
Yoplait 10/5.

Good ground beef 3.99
Milk .99@@
Canned veggies, tomatoes, beans..49@@ limit 6@@
BREYERS or Klondike 2/5@@

That's about it.  

Lots of basics and some at stock prices.    Beans and tomatoes are a really good buy at .49.  Even if you can only buy six.     It's a good start or fill in.  

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Still off the grid.......

I am in a mini vacation.  Our vacation last year was or emptied by my stay at the rehab.    One could only imagine the vacation we could have had with the 1400.00 that I sent for my expensive ride from the hospital to the rehab!   LOL.  Water under the bridge.    We got away just the two of us.    It's been a quiet weekend.m considering there is a wrestling match going on and there are no rooms left in any of the hotels.    We found one , a little sparse, a little noises,next to the freeway, but adequate none he less.    

This vacation has cost a total of 150.00 including gas and food out.   Conversely, I purchased 245 worth of blouses and a scarf's coming...27.00.    Unfortunately I. Couldn't  find any pants  that weren't low rise.     I'll check the goodwill again.    LOL.  

The one sheet wonders save money.  Sets are good gifts especially for shut ins.  

Tonight will roast a pork tenderloin since Monday is the pull date.    Back to the meal plans

I will post Fred Meyers tomorrow or tonight and well get back to the food subject this is supposed to be about.  

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Still in paper mode...

One sheet wonder with a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

Cut the following pieces from the standard sheet if paper.   Decorate if desired.m.

Along the 11 inch side cut one strip at 3 inches.    Now, sub cut this strip into a 3X3 square and two pieces at 1.5 X 5.5.  

Next along the long some cut a strip at 2-1/2.
Cut this strip into two pieces 2-1/2 X 4-1/4

This leaves a piece 5-1/2 X. 8-1/2
Cut 1/2 inch off the 8-1/2 inch side.   You should have 5-1/2 X 8.
Now cut two pieces ea at 2X 5-1/2.  This leaves a 4-1/4X 5-1/2 topper.  

Solid topper
Stripes of 1-1/2
3 X3 square, matted
2-1/2X 4-1/4 rectangles
2X 5-1/2 rectangles

8 total cards plus a  1/2 inch strip that can be placed on the inside of a cut away top.  

One sheet wonder card pattern

Cut the following out if a 12X12 sheet that is all over,non directional print or a print you make yourself.,  

Cut two strips 5.5 X 12.  

1) on one strip, cut on long side, two pieces 4.25, and two pieces 1.5 inches.   Leaves you 1X 5.5 inch piece.  Cut in half to make 2 ea  1/2 X 5 1/2 inch pieces.   ( trim on two cards.  )

2) on second 5.5 X 12 inch piece, cut lengthwise ( 12 inch side)   6 ea if 1-1/2 inch strips.    This leaves a 3 inch X 5-1/2 inch piece.   Trim off 1/2 inch of the 5-1/2 inch piece.   ( centerpiece if a card)

3) using the 4-1/4 X 5-1/2 pieces, cut on the diagonal.   ( makes four cards.   )

Makes  15 cards.  

4 ea  cards with diagonal trim .  Sentiment along edge of diagonal.  Embellie on the trim.  

4 ea with a trim across bottom of landscape card, about 1/2 inch up from bottom.    Add sentiment and embellies.  

4 each with trim on side of a portrait card.  Sentiment on side and embellies.

1 each card with a 3 X 5 centerpiece of trim.   Add sentiment and embellies.    I might want to cut this down to 3X4.   This would leave you another 1 X 3 inch banner piece.  

2 each cards with 1/2 inch cut off of the right side ( portrait card. ) and trim added to the inside if the card.  

Waste is 1 piece .5 X 3  ( can be used for banners ) and one piece 1 X 1/2.   .