Sunday, August 28, 2016

Meal plans and notes

Walking you through the brains .... Behind meal plans.   Not to brag or make this blog all about me,,, bit, rather to help people that may be struggling with the planning oset of meals on the table,     It's a very important step in keeping your cost down.   Of you aren't on the Seattle area, you can use the methodology to make it work for you,   Watching food hauls from other parts of the country, food prices vary, some things are more expensive , some less.   

My rotation.protein for this week would be a 1/2 pork loin from Fred Meyers or the hambirger at Fred Meyers.    

Using the matrix 
1 beef 
1 fish 
3 chicken or pork 
2 vegetarian.   

I have a work sheet I use,  it tells me what we have in the fridge, because I have just cleaned it and made note of things near their pull dates.    The form has two columns on the right side of the paper,  perishables we have normally, and things we need to buy to complete meals.   The left side has boxes for 7 meals and the matrix printed.    It's a simple form made on excel.   

Take a look at your daytimer and note any appointments that will make for a hectic day.   You can plan meals to compensate.    That may be the day you decide to put a chicken noodle soup on the slow cooker early on the morning, or stage ot in the fridge to place on the slow cooker before you leave in the morning.   Find a few minutes on the weekend, if you work, so you can do some kitchen management and get organized.    Wash veggies and prep anything you can ahead of time.  Of you do that part while you are batch cooking your rotation meat, it doesn't take long.   Enlist help if you can. You would be surprised what even a small child can do.   I don't let granddaughter do anything that has sharp or hot connected to it, but she knows how to do a lot.   She loves to cook.   She can make breadcrumbs, roll and fill an pizza. Stir things, butter and top a French bread, hollow out bag gets for meat ball subs.   Just teach them how to scrub their hands well.   I don't let her touch raw meat either. She can also brush the veggies in vinegar water.    It keeps her busy while o do other things.   

Using the matrix ( makes it easy-- less reinventing the wheel ) write down seven meals that fill the matrix and use what you have to use up and the rotation protein you have in the freezer/pantry.   

I have yogurt we need to use up, and sausage I got for a dollar a package.  I try for onkyone or less processed meat a week,    

  1. Pizza 
  2. Taco salad, beans and rice 
  3. Slow cooker chicken noodle soup and cheezy biscuits. 
  4. Sausage and roasted root veggies , bread 
  5. White fish, rice medley, mixed veggies 
  6. Meat ball subs , salad 
  7. Breakfast for dinner
Notes : 
Daughter is making pizza from scratch for the first time.    Granddaughter has done it.   

Baby romaine at Costco lasts longer and tastes better amd is cheaper.    Taco meat is ready made in the freezer from batch cooking.    Rice in the rice cooker, non fried, refried beans from scratch.    

Chicken noodle soup from stock in the freezer and fresh veggies and bulk noodles.   To,e to portion control the noodles into bags.  Cheezy biscuits are Bisquick ( or homemade baking mix) biscuits rolled out like a jelly roll.   Spread with cheese and rolled up like a jelly roll, sliced and baked.   

Oven roasted veggies : potato, carrots. Radishes  sausage was a dollar at QFC.   We will use. 1/2 of one.   Make scratch bread 

Rice medley is rice made from a home made mix ( herbs and chicken stock) frozen veggies ( .33) 
Bake fish 

Meat ball subs - meat balls from batch cooking or from the freezer case I got for .98 a short pound.  
Hallow out brown and serve rolls ( dollar tree, no GMO, no artificial ingredients ) fill with meatballs that are dressed with BBQ sauce ( .55 beginning of season with coupons and sale) Fred Meyers .79 . 

Breakfast 4 dinner.     79 eggs , .30 yogurt parfaits , and English muffins (1.67 a doz -Fred Meyers  or home made muffins.   Scratch muffin formula from Katie cooks and crafts u tube or mix from dollar tree with yogurt or substitute sour cream.  

Variety, good food, easy to make. Cheap?    

Better, cheaper, faster 
4 plus 1 is five. Four people, ome meal, five bucks.   


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