Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sugar. ....

we all know that sugar is not good for us, or rather, too much sugar is,not good for us.     A conversation with a friend sparked  my curiosity,      I started researching.     ......
Grams of sugar oj ready to eat cereals.    

Corn flakes.  2.7
Honey nitmxheerios. 9
Cheerios 1.2
Cocoa oops 12
Cookie Crisp 9
Raisen bran. 18
Lucky charms 10
Trix 10
Cocoa Puffs 10
Raisen bran crunch 10.5
Rice crispies 3.3
Rice Chex 2.0

Now, the six million dollar question is how many teaspoons of sugar is a kid going to add to a cereal that has no Sugar?     LOL.  

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