Friday, August 26, 2016

QFC haul.

I went to QFC.    Savings was 66 percent, or two thi do off.   I also got a .75 Ibotta on caramels.   U hoo.  I am at 25.00 and get a Amazon gift card!     Basically, that more than makes this weeks haul FREE,  

Ok. Free angel food cake
Ritz bacon crackers 1.69
Werthers original candy retail 2.99 paid .99 less the .75
Sausage, 2.99 less 1.00 on the five for five , less a dollar coupon on the meat.   Nets 100 for two meals.
Goldfish parm crackers retail 2.50, paid .99
Raspberries (2) @1.88
Frozen peas .99
Tomatoes .99 lb
Cheerios 4@ .79. 12 ounces.   Whole  grain , honey nut. - for backpack kids
Pickles 2.50
Freschetta pizza 4.29

Savings 46.58
Paid 23.03
66 percent savings.
You are getting  69.61 worth of food for 22.28.
That's how yougert well on three dollars a day.

Tonight we are having shrimp stir fry,    I can't post pics lately because my phone dies a lot and it the only way I can post a picture on the blog.

Groceries on the cheap is looking at the "put the meal on the table train" from  a different perspectives

The emphasis is on purchasing good shelf stable or frozen food  for a RBP in quantity - enough to last you until they goes on sale again or to keep a controlled non-perishable stock of the things you  use  on a weekly basis. 

This means that instead of shopping daily or weekly for just the things you need to cook your meals for the week. You go to two stores and buy :
1) a protein that is a RBP - enough to make that meal for x number of days. (I.e.: if you eat it once a week, buy enough for 4 meals.)
2) produce and dairy you will need to fill in the meals for the week. 
3) a stock item, if you need to and it is on a RBP - enough to fill in to your self imposed stock level. 

You often are paying 1/2 price for your food.   This allows you to put well-balanced meals on the table consistently on a four dollar a day per person budget.   You spend more time on the 
locomotive ( planning and shopping ) end of the train, and less time in the caboose ( kitchen )by
cooking more efficiently. 

 Four dollars a day is the target amount for people on snap.   My premise is that of you can do it on 4 dollars a day, spending

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