Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fred Meyer Ads and rite aid / TOMORROW

Here are Fred Meyer ads

5 lb box sat sumacs 3.99
Milk 4/5 makes 1.25 ea or 2.50
Pasta, pasta sauce .89@@
Eggs 2/3
Celery .49
Tillamook ice cream 2/6@@

Rite aid

Soft soap  2.99 w 2.00 up reward makes .99
Power toothbrush. 6.99 less in ad coupon, coupon in Sunday paper, nets 1.99

That's about it.

Not much out there.  I spent 13.00 at the grocery store this week.  Another free dollars for staple items at Costco.  Bisquick, pumpkin bread mix, I didn't buy tomato soup on a box, but I was there for two dollars a box again. It  is closer to four dollars a box in the regular stores.
I checked the price of refried beans at Costco, they were cheaper at grocery outlet .  I did buy a sausage roll .  It was cheaper than SAFEWAYS 2/5.00 price.  I will fry it and defat it.

I can put it in sausage, vegetable bean soup, a quiche, or on a pizza or on pasta sauce.

ALBERTSONS is offering ten percent off your groceries on a Seahawks game day of you wear the jersey to the store.  My granddaughter has one, I wonder of that counts!!! LOL

That's all for now.

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