Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tomorrow"s ads for Fred Meyer and rite aid update

Since my husband brought me the Sunday paper, this is  so early.

Rite Aid

Allergy tablets and nasal spray are BOGO.
Candy for Halloween is a buck for9 ounces and two bucks for sixteen ounces, reg 3.00.

Most of the food is not a bargain.
Campbell's chicken noodle soup is 5/5 and there so a up reward.  Nets .60.  I also remember a coupon.  Will get back later with the particulars, my coupon book is on the car so I can't forget it! LOL. It was .40 cents off multiples.  I got five low sodium chicken noodle soup for 2.60.  Half retail.
Also our Benadryl 1/2 and some candy for entertaining.

Fred Meyers

Nabisco  crackers 3/5@@
Fm yogurt 3/1@@
Frank bread 2/4
Grapes 1.48
Fm frozen veggies .79. 12 ounces@@
Red Baron pizza 2/4@@$$
Ice cream 2/6 @@
Squash .88. Organic

That's about it.
 I was t going to shop......I stayed away on Friday.  LOL.   I got pizza for 1.50 net..  A really cheap lunch.  .375 cents.  So,e grapes and veggies.  And I was out of ice cream.  I aren't more than rock bottom because I need low carb.  I walked out of there spending less than 29.00.

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