Sunday, October 27, 2013

Suddenly Sunday

After buying a pen set that didn't work, it reminded me of a good tool.  Your voice!  If you get something that is really bad, don't hesitate to tell the manufacturer about it.  Conversely, if you get something  really good, the same holds true.  Many times you can at least get a replacement and many times they will send you coupons.

One time I bought a can of green beans that had three green beans and a hole lot of water.  I called del monte and they sent me coupons for half a case of green beans.  They just wanted the markings off the top of the can and where I bought it.

Too much of the time, people are quick to complain when they get something bad, but don't ever praise for something that is good.

Just a totally unrelated note, Christmas is coming.  Rite aid has 7.00 " electric" for lack of a better word, toothbrushes with a in ad coupon and a manufacturers coupon that is in the Sunday paper that nets them 2.00.  Might be a fun stocking stuffer!

On another note, now is the time to stock anything pumpkin if you eat it throughout the year., it is on sale only now in the next few weeks, and there is coupons out there for canned pumpkin.

Thanksgiving is coming.  I found a good leftover recipe that could be adapted to be on the cheap. You could also make to any time of the year and substitute chicken for the turkey.

Turkey Skillet

3/4'cup chopped celery
1/2 a green pepper, chopped
Olive oil

2 cups  cubed turkey, cooked.

2 T slivered almonds

1 Tbs , plus 1 tsp flour
1/2'tsp of paprika
1/2'tsp basil, dried
2 cup chicken broth

1 -'8 ounce can pineapple , drained.  (Cut into chunks if sliced pineapple)

Sauté vegetables on olive oil until crisp tender.  Add turkey and almonds.  And cook on low heat until turkey is heated through.

Mix together in a small bowl, the flour,spices and broth.  Stir into skillet .  Add pineapple and cook 3-5 minutes until sauce is bubbly.

Serve with rice.

notes: you can buy almonds at our dollar store.  I try to keep a couple cans  of pineapple on hand , purchased when I find them on sale.  It's not something we use a lot,so I don't stock a lot.  I would substitute  red peppers or mixed peppers if I had them. ( my husband is not fond  of green peppers.  )
This would still be a good recipe and the cost is down to a realistic amount. So,eti es a splurge of a few nuts or a can of fruit can make a recipe seem special !

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I am still looking for my MIL so apple cake recipe.  I know it was from the mid west and a lot of people have it.  Also, you can comment anonymously , I would be interested in knowing what kind of recipes you use for turkey leftovers???

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