Thursday, October 24, 2013

Terrific Thursday/ what to do with what you got edition

With our scheme of things, TOP seems to be the store of choice,followed by SAFEWAYS .  I do see that SAFEWAYS has increased the price of milk on J4U.

Top has save five dollars on produce when you buy 5 participating GM products.  Most of the items are ready made and high prices with the produce savings.  Cheerios can be found lots cheaper with coupons.  You can't take every "bargain at face value". .  

Freshetta pizza is 3.99 and there are coupons out there.  Beans are 15/10.00 or .67 each.  A food time to stock if you need to.  

I would prefer to use stock and batch cook a meat.  But, there are meals from the ads.  

Shrimp stir fry. ( SAFEWAYS 5 dollar Friday) 
Sausage quiche ( SAFEWAYS 5 dollar Friday)
Sausage bean soup ( the rest of the above and two cans of tops beans )
Loaded baked potatoes ( HORMEL chili is a buck on 5 dollar Fridays and there is a coupon out there) 
Sunday chicken ( SAFEWAYS 1.29) 
Chicken pot pies 
Tacos ( ground beef 1.99 or 2.99.  

That's picking from two grocery stores. It is is not as varied and healthy as it would have been if I had  planned meals from my stock and added one batch meat.  

My meat of choice would have been  the 2.99 ground beef at SAFEWAYS or the Pork shoulder roast.
I batch cooked ground beef two weeks ago when I got it for 2.00 a pound at SAFEWAYS.  

Alternative meals 
Shrimp stir fry
Pork roast, potatoes,carrots, salad and apple tart.  
Sausage quiche ( 12 ounces of sausage) 
Tacos, refried beans, rice 
Spaghetti and meatballs 
Mac and cheese, peas and carrots 
Vegetable bean soup

This is using stock and some things on sale this week.  It is using the Jane Matrix and limits the processed and fatty meats.  Remember to defat your sausage and ground beef.  Cook your meatballs in the oven over a rack lined  sheet pan.  Batch cook the pork roast and set aside pulled pork for another day.( sandwiches)

That's about all.

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