Thursday, October 31, 2013

The basics , part,2, shopping

Part of shopping , the planning stage, was covered yesterday.  I do this blog every month for a refresher or for new readers.  I do it off the top of my head, please feel free to read older blogs.

To recap, I analyze the ads.  Pick the two best stores of the chain stores.  Go with my list, get in, and get out.  The more time in a store, the more money you will spend.  The more people you take with you,the more you will spend.  Try not to take small children with you.  They are a distraction and shopping is business when you are doing it on the cheap.  You have to have a clear head to stick to a small budget.  LOL

Retailers have spent considerable time and money studying the average shoppers shopping habits.  They take advantage of all of our instincts.  There is a whole  blog on that issue.  Beat them at their own game.  70 percent of all things purchased are impulse buys.  Don't fall into the trap!!!!
Don't pick up anything you don't intend on buying.

All chain stores have food, there are a lot of alternative stores that have food too.
Warehouse stores like Costco and SAMs club have stable prices, somewhat.  Some things are cheaper, some are not.  Overstock stores have limited merchandise, but some of what they have is lots cheaper.  We have  big lots and grocery outlet. Always check pull dates, and know your prices.
Grocery outlet has regular coffee often and a wide assortment of cheeses! some cheaper! some not.
Big lots has a variety of things.  Kinda like Costco, here today, gone Tomorrow.  

Again, know your prices.

The dollar store has some food.  Like any other store, some prices are better, some are not.  Lately I have been finding recipe starter  2/1.00.  With a dollar coupon, it was free. Without a coupon it was

2.09 cheaper than SAFEWAYS and cheaper than making sauce from scratch.

Soap, deodorant and toothpaste can be had with a coupon for free.  This is  huge for people on snap that don't have help buying personal necessities.  There are coupon people that get TP for free too.  I have yet to find the illusive toilet paper coupons!   The best I can do is Costco.  LOL. Frozen veggies and French fries are a bargain unless you get a good sale.  Pepperoni is a buck and sometimes there are coupons that make it .50.

The bakery outlet is cheaper on bread.  Sometimes you can get bread on sale at the chain stores as cheap.  Remember, the chain stores aren't in the business of running a bakery or cannery.  They buy their products from the name brands that put the stores label on them.  my sister worked for a distributed.  She used to be able to bring vegetables home that were double wrapped with two different brands wrapping.  ( they used to come in waxed boxes.  )

Remember, the more specialized the store, the fancier the store, the higher the prices.  If you are on a really tight budget, it is not realistic to expect to buy specialty foods.  That doesn't mean that you can't buy healthy foods, defat your ground meats, or grind them yourself, and watch your fat, salt, and sugar intake.  It is especially important for the children.  Too much of our food has salt and sugar hiding in it.

All this takes time.  Once you are set up. You will probably spend no longer than you do now. Especially of you hot the neighbourhood store several times a week because you forgot so,etching, or just want something different for dinner.    Spend more time on the front end of the meal on the table train, and less on the back and you will be better off.  There are ways to cut clean up time and non-passive cooking time to save time .

That's about all I can remember.

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