Thursday, August 7, 2014

My shopping list / last weeks ads

We have it shopped for over a month now besides a few necessities to get by.  ( I have been in rehab for my hip replacement.

Corn (3)
Yoplait 14 10/5 with two coupons.


Buy 6

2 pkg English muffins
2 Popsicles with fruit in them
2 albacore tuna

12 instant potatoes

Fred Meyers
Eggs 4/5@@
Pizza (2)@@ 3.99
Hebrew national 2/7@@

Chicken 4.50

Total  57.00
That still leaves me several dollars for so,es dairy and veggies to fill in.  

Last night we were dealing with the freezer intermittently thawing and freezing.   We had pork and beans and hot dogs and a fruit cup.  

I still have a few things to buy to reset the fridge to normal.   While I was on rehab, I ate for free and the rest of the family  bought just what they needed to fill in for meals out of my stock.   We still had several months of food.   In fact, I still have several months in the pantry.

Guess that's all

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