Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tomorrow's ads and notes

I got tomorrow's ads,..    I was noticing that there was no protein sale this week.   Que in Fred Meyers.

Drumsticks, thighs or grill packs .99
10 percent hamburger.    3.98
Corn 10/3
Eggs 4/5@@
Digiorno pizza. 3.99@@
Hebrew national 2/7@@
Yellow squash .99
Pasta .99
Lettuce .99
Broccoli .99

Romaine is the best buy on the lettuce department.  The greener the lettuce the more food value. And romaine lasts longer than other lettuces.  In these dog days of summer, a chicken or shrimp or salmon Cesar salad is a good dinner alternative   I get salmon cheaper at SAFEWAYS or Winco.   You can clean the greens in the cool of the morning and make salad dressing.   Maybe grill  the chicken or salmon.

Betty Crocker had a article about several ways to make a hamburger mix ( crumbles and spices) to get a head start in several make ahead dinners.   I like the idea if make ahead in these hot, busy days of summer.   Our kitchen is on the east side of the house so by dinner time it's hot  in there.  One of the other summer tricks I play os to make a bunch if salads on the weekend early on the morning when it is cooler on the kitchen.   Then at dinner time we can grill a protein  to go with them.  Or make something we can heat in the microwave or put on the oven and walk away until it's  done.

Hebrew national hot dogs ( the only ones I'll buy except Nathan's ) are on sale.   When buns are not on sale, I make pigs on blankets or add them to baked beans.

Tex Mexican food is a good money stretcher.   Beans and rice make a complete protein,  just remember that beans and rice have a shirt fridge life,  they are one of the foods that spoil the quickest.
I buy canned and rinse them well to reduce the salt.   Rice is so easy on the microwave that I make it so that we can eat it in two days.   I buy very few canned fruits.  You can rinse them to reduce the sugar too.   Enchalada sauce is really expensive. But easily and cheap to make.m get chili powder in the bulk department or at Costco .  Sometimes I have to go to the business Costco to get some things,
A jus mix is one if the things the regular Costco doesn't carry anymore, along with cornstarch.   Since roast os so pricy, we haven't made a jus sandwiches in a long while.

I haven't downloaded coupons in a month because I haven't been home.   It was getting harder to find coupons for real food.  The Sunday paper has coupons for Yoplait and it's .50 on sale this week.
I haven't checked the matchup sites either because I haven't been able to shop.   I suspect I won't be going shopping a lot for a while, maybe just making lists and organizing coupons.   Adding a two up and a broken hip to the mix of shopping sounds dangerous.  LOL.  Maybe on a Saturday morning early!

Well, that's about all.

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