Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The ads


Berries. 3.99

Buy 4
Dryers 1.99
outside fruit bars 1.99
Drumsticks 3.99

Milk 2/5@@

10/10, you don't have to buy 10
Ravioli, chili, bumblebee tuna, pasta sauce , soy sauce ( pasta sauce ,not such a food buy

Bread, bagels 2/5
Grapes 2.49
Peaches, nectarines 1.99

Note, I am not fond of ALBERTSONS ad, it's too hard to read.

Raspberries 2/3

Apples 1.49
Pork sirloin chops 1.99
Kens salad dressing BOGO $$
Corn 6/2
Grapes 2.99. All colours.  The darker coloured grapes have more food value
Cantelope 2/5
Ice cream 2/5

Cake mix .99

Five dollar Friday
Cod per pound

Berries 2/5
Peaches 1.49
Bread 1.79
Grapes 1.99
Oranges, pears 1.49
Pumpkin pie 2.99

Pasta 1.00  look for coupons
Ice cream 2/5
Cottage cheese, sour cream 2/3
Broccoli, celery ,99

Again, I am not finding a real bargain in the protein department.   Last weeks chicken and eggs were about it.  Eggs have a month out pull date so at four for five it was a good buy amd  stored probably in your refrigerator should last as all momth.   Having breakfast for dinner is one of the ways you can stretch your dollars, especially at that price. Chefs salad is  good with hard cooked eggs for these warm nights.

Last week we cooked three chickens because I bought two for stocking and saved one with ice crystals still on it from the defunct freezer.  Two we cooked in the crock pot.   A really easy way to cook chicken in a pinch for time.   The large pieces stay pretty much in tact, the parts submerged under the natural broth are good for tacos and chicken soup or chicken and noodles.  

The third one my husband roasted in the oven.  

Last night we had chicken stir fry.  my daughter is becoming a good cook.   We do have to have something besides chicken soon.   LOL

That's about all.


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