Monday, August 11, 2014

There is a first for everything,

I didn't think it would ever happen.....,my husband is going to the store and indiscriminately,buying a can of coffee.    Was out of commission ( in a rehab center for breaking my hip) and didn't shop for six weeks.   Of course he has had plenty of time driving around and on his walks to go to grocery outlet and buy coffee.   Now, I am stuck without transportation for a week again.   I have to borrow my daughters car to go anywhere and that entails taking her to work ( two trips) because I can't get into the car and the baby can't fit in the truck.  He can go with the baby by themselves.   What a concept.

I have spent about 80.00 so far on groceries.  Considering that I didn't shop for sox weeks and we had to throw away 160 pounds of food because the freezer quit, I don't think that's bad.   We have a decent amount of food in the freezer and fridge and the pantry is pretty much ok I will need to buy green beans soon.

I have to download coupons.   There haven't been a lot of food ones lately. But there have been Yoplait ones and peanut butter.   Chicken cc is a buck at QFC and I salvaged one from the freezer that was still frozen.   I have been cooking  the, on the crockpot with the help of my husband.   This time we watched it and turned it off as soon as it  was done,   We have more pieces.  You would be surprised how much liquid one onion and the chicken gives off.   My daughter made chicken noodle soup out of it.    My granddaughter loves soup.

Last night we had ribs, corn on the cob and fruit salad.   The night before we had roast chicken, mashed cheesy potatoes, and sliced tomato.   Sometimes  I drizzle tomato  slices with olive oil, sprinkle it with basil and add some grated white cheese.

My daughter made a casserole skillet dinner with rice, cheese, diced tomatoes and peppers.   It called for zucchini, but dear old dad didn't like it.   Seems lots of people don't like zucchini.   Que in chocolate zucchini bread or cake!

Tonight I think we will have chicken enchiladas.   Rice and beans.   I bought all for cartons of eggs at 1.25 each at Fred Meyer last week.   We need to have breakfast for dinner one day a week.   I am supposed to be eating hard cooked eggs to build my muscle after the surgery.   At 1.25 that makes dinner really cheap, so we can afford to have red meat more often.

That's all I have for now.  Hopefully we will get the ads tomorrow.

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