Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The ads ,

First, QFC went to a two week sale ad, so you,need to refer to last weeks post.  


Quarter sale
Tomato sauce  .25
Zap ems .50
Muffin mix .25
Tuna .75 ( we don't like the quality)
Noodle bowls .75
Tissue 1.00

Note: some of these things I wouldn't buy.  Some are the things I bought when I was feeding children with hollow legs and they needed snacks that were filling.  None of my children had a weight problem.   They still don't.  

Berries 2/6
Roma's 1.49
Salads .88

Grapes 199
Corn 6/2
Cantelope 2/3
Chicken .99
Cod 4.99
7 percent fat hamburger 2.99
Yoplait 10/5. $$

Pudding ring 3.49
Cottage cheese 3.49

5 dollar Friday
Tuna or salmon 5/5
Turkey sausage or burgers
Johnsonville dinner sausage

Check your just for you
Print coupons.

Note hamburger is a good stock item.   I did some from Costco last week, but will also do some this week because of the freezer going out.   We cooked three chickens last week or I would also buy chickens.  Mainly because there has been weeks lately when there were no protein buys.

Fresh fruit amd veggies are  at their peak here.   I don't tend to put veggies or fruit up, bit we just adapt to frozen or what is in season.    Next year, maybe, but this summer is a summer to forget!   LOL

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