Friday, August 14, 2015

Blog series: what to do with pork loin - VOL4

Ok. Pork loin can be found at this period on time for 1.79 to 2.00 a pound.   I try to stay close to two dollars a pound average for protein.   Some things are higher, some not so much.   If you buy one bulk thing a week when it is on a true sale and buy enough for a months worth of THAT meal, you will save money and time.    I try for a half a loin because three of us eat pork.   If there are only full loins on Sale ,consider splitting the cost with family or a friend.  

Pork loin is  versatile.  The difference is that some things I buy, I cook ahead.   Some of the pork, I do not.  

Five things to make with Pork loin :

  1. Cut a 1/2 inch slice if the end, and set aside, the cut enough pork chops for a couple of meals.   There are a lot of crock pot and other recipes out there for pork chops.  My favorite is to make a stuffing with a little chicken broth, dry bread cubes, and a chopped up apple, poultry seasoning.   Put in a greased baking dish.   Brown the pork chops on both sodes, and add to the baking dish . Finish  off in a 350 degree oven I til the pork chops are done and the stuffing is warm.   
  2. Cut off a two pound section for a roast.   You can roast that the day you bring it home or shortly after.  More later.   *
  3. Cut the first slice and the end pieces into cubes for stew
  4. Pot pie,
  5. cooked cubes  over rice,potatoes, or noodles.   ( same as stew beef)
  6. Sweet and sour pork over rice  ( same as chicken ) 
  7. Fried rice 
  8. * After you have a dinner of roast pork! slice it thin and make BBQ pork sandwiches.   
You can freeze the pork sliced thin, or use it for a second meal the same week.   
Pork chops can be frozen as well as the cubes with some of the juice from baking.   

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