Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The ads

OK, I'm getting more disappointed at the merge of Albertsons, Safeways and
Haggens.  I used to be able to get good buys at Safeways.    Now, not so much.   Safeways and Albertsons ads are beginning  to look the same and Albertsons high  prices are mostly prevalent. Meanwhile, Haggens prices are higher than the proverbial giraffe male anatomy.    LOL


Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes, suddenly salad, brownies and cake mix 1.00
7 percent fat hamburger 3.99


Lettuce 1.00
Avocados 1.00
Hebrew national 4.99**

Foster farms chicken .99
Milk 2/5@@
Lipton tea bags 2.99@@

QFC is last weeks ad

I got pork chops BOGO.
Chicken is a buck
I had coupons for free Hebrew national , regular price 3.99
And frozen veggies
Smart carb elbows were a buck
Kroger pasta was a buck amd I had a .45 coupon.  
Kroger pasta sauce in jars is a buck
Grapes were I believe 1.28.  

That it.

I shopped cautiously.  

I didn't have the ads yet.   We went to the dollar store where I bought jello. And some hair accessories for my granddaughter, foil sheets, and Jennie O turkey bacon.  

I went to Safeways, read the ad, and walked out.  

I went to the goodwill and found shorts for baby for 1.60.  I also found sequins for 1.60..the equivalent  of more than twenty five 3.00 bags at today's prices.    

Then I went and spent 28.00 for food....all totaled 1/2 off  and I haven't checked ibotta yet.  

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