Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Finally

It's been a crazy week. Yesterday we had a little visitor (bird). Somehow he got in the house. I'm sure thankful it wasn't at the same time that the neighbors cat decided
To visit! LOL after knocking down all my thanksgiving decorations and scarimg the grandchild half to death, my husband came home and chased it outside!

add that to the alarm system deciding it needed new batteries and beeping every hour on the hour it was a crazy day!

On to food.

Meals from the ads

1) obviously, thanksgiving dinner.
2) turkey soup
3) sausage and bean soup ( make something easy the day before you marathon cook thanksgiving)
4) Cuban panninis, salad
5) sirloin roast
6) roast beef a jus sandwiches
7) Mac and cheese, mixed veggies

Roast is on sale at top. veggies are on sale for a buck.. See post.

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