Sunday, November 18, 2012

Notes on Sunday

Yesterday we went shopping to get some necessities near the mall. We stopped by Top because my daughter wanted a couple of things.

The thing that I noticed that I think I was getting the gist of it in the ads, was that there was " free" turkey if you spent 150.00. It wouldn't have been hard spending 150.00 because everything had a super high price on it. The stove top stuffing that we paid .79 for a couple of weeks ago was 1.40 on sale! Cream of mushroom soup was top dollar too.

I did find green beans for .67 and black olives for a 1.00. I picked up a hot air popcorn popper at kohls, so I bought some popcorn. The popcorn in a bag was cheaper than the popcorn in the bulk section. It is a lot cheaper and more healthy than the stuff in the microwaveable pouch. I'll pay for my popper in a very short time.

On to food...sort of

I came across a thanksgiving treat a few years back.

Pilgrim hats

Chocolate wafers. ( they are a round thin chocolate cookie. I found them at Safeways, but haven't looked this year. )

Peanut butter cups

Put the peanut butter cup upside down on the chocolate wafer. Use frosting for glue.
Pipe a square of frosting in the center to make a buckle.

They are real fast and really cute.

A few years ago I found a recipe for pumpkin creme brûlée on line. easy and no crust!

our thanksgiving has changed through the years. My mother always cooked baby creamed o ions, sweet potatoes that had marshmallow centers and corn flake crust ( like a snowball sort of) green beans with almonds, homemade dressing with celery and onions,
Mashed potatoes, green jello salad with pineapple and green pepper. And of course turkey. And pumpkin and mincemeat pies and crab cocktails for starts.

I remember one thanksgiving that we went to four stores looking for alphabet macaroni so that we could paint it and glue it on the place cards!

Ah, for nostalgia! LOL. We all adjust. As I get older, it's not as much about the food as it is about the fellowship.

I guess that's all for rambleing

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