Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's the day before Christmas all through the house.....

My son baked about sixteen dozen cookies and two pumpkin pies. He has a Pullman kitchen, so he came down and used my kitchen. I am lucky enough to have two ovens so it made the job more efficient. LOL.

My daughter spent the day delivering presents to her friends.

My husband and I decided we would take advantage of having time to ourselves and go Christmas shopping for each other. We are at a point that we have everything we need and would rather spoil our grandchild than buy each other presents. But, my husband felt compelled to get me something.

So, I bought him some gummy vitamins. He finds it really unpleasant to swallow the horse pills he is taking.

He bought me a new glue gun, a T square, and a box for my alcohol pens from the recycle store. I was really excited that he found the box. I have been looking for something that would work. I refuse to spend a hundred dollars for a box to hold markers-- a bit over the top in my book. LOL

Christmas is for enjoying time with family and gifts should be somethimg the recipient really wants, or needs, or never dreamed of ever having.

My sorority made Christmas for a family. I had so much fun! I got 120 dollars worth of stuff on their list for twenty dollars. The boxers for the son were 35.00 and I got a barbie for the daughter and a sterling and gemstone pendant for the Mom. I Thorally enjoyed myself and hope the family has the best Christmas ever!

An inexpensive gift or something handmade for the recipient is much more thoughtful that an expensive present that the person doesn't want or need. Everyone has something that they either don't have time or patience to make for themselves or that they can't bring themselves to buy.

Gifts aren't about the money, they are about the effort and thought that goes into them.

Some of my best Christmases were when we were poor and "made" Christmas--it's all about the memories.

Merry Christmas . I hope you have a blessed and memorable Christmas!

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