Saturday, December 29, 2012

Suddenly Saturday...

Yesterday I found myself with an hour to kill in north Seattle. I need a box of Kleenex , but no dollar stores have them. I went to the grocery outlet. Coffee is always cheaper. My husband prefers regular instead of designer coffee.

They usually have red and yellow peppers for .50 and Roma tomatoes cheaper than anywhere else. They have designer chicken sausage that my husband actually likes.
Sausage, peppers and red potatoes are really good and not too bad for you when you use chicken sausage!

Some of the canned goods are more expensive than the sale prices at the chains.
I got sweet potato fries and hash brown patties. I refuse to make hash browns from scratch, because I usually have a big, glutenous mess.

They usually have a wide variety of cheeses, some less expensive, some not.

Its a treasure hunt, you never know what you may find.

On to Safeways. The salmon was gone. No surprise. I took advantage of the Friday specials that they have extended to the weekend. I got chicken wings. London broil is cheaper and better fat comtent than hamburger. We'll make our own ground beef.

Next time... The basics.

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