Thursday, December 27, 2012

This weeks ads

We finally got this weeks ads today. I am hoping that the holidays are over and they go back to some real bargains. With what I have seen lately, I wouldn't be holding my breath. LOL


Pork blade steak 1.99
London broil 2.49..bulk alert
Cheese 2/ the size of the package u need 8 oz
Hormel entres B1G1..***
Lettuce 1.00
Salsa 5.00

5 dollar friday
Salmon 5.00


Oranges .48
Lettuce .88
15 percent ground beef 2.49***
tillamook cheese 4.99
New bread mix 2/5


carrots .89
20 percent ground beef 2.66
Pork shoulder 1.49

yogurt .60
Beans .69

That's all folks. It's still a dismal week.
There is a lot of ad space taken up with holiday splurge foods. Maybe they will be better next week.

*** notes
London broil is 2.49. It is cheaper, for better quality to grind your own beef this week. The fat content will be less.

Assuming hormel entres are a net of 3.50 or so, they are good hedge on the watsnfor dinner we got home late Delima. With some instant mashed potatoes and a salad,youncan have dinner on the table in literally less time that it takes to call the pizza place!
The sirloin tips are the only flavor we have tried and liked.

There are coupons out there for a dollar off the new bread mix. It isnstill cheaper than buying bread. Can't believe 3.50 for hamburger buns. that warrants a trip to
the bakery outlet. I'm fact, the poor ads should warrant a trip to WinCo. I will be glad when we get one of our own.

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