Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday madness.

Since I just shopped one store this week, I went to Fred Meyers and Walgreens.  I had two dollars at Walgreens. Jello was .50 and eggs were a buck.   Digiorno pizza was 2/10 and o had a two dollar coupon.  That makes a four dollar dinner, add the .80 salad I got at SAFEWAYS and you have a five dollar dinner with no muss or fuss.   A good thing to have in a busy night.   The more toppings on a pizza, the more bang for  your buck.

One thing that I meant to say Yesterday, was to warn you about the little trick that retailers play.  Beat the, at their  own game.   They out pasta on sale. Now, of o was. Using one week, one day at a time, I might go and get the pasta sauce to go woth ot.  The pasta sauce is rarely on sale too.  They know  that.  That's where they get their money.   Ditto the good hot dogs and buns.  If they have the good hot dogs on sale, and not the bins, I either cook them  with beans, find the buns another week, or make pigs in blankets.

Fred Meyers netted strawberries for 1.68.  The produce guy was stocking.  Some of them were pretty picked over.  I did the rest of my shopping and went back to get the new stock.  Canned veggies were .50, limit sox.  That's the only way I have been finding cheap canned goods lately.  I used to be able to get 10/15 at top, but haven't seen that lately.  Ot makes it harder to stock with limits.  You just have to be diligent to buy your sox until you get your self imposed stock level.   Nalley chili was a buck.  I bought just enough to replenish what we ate recently.

This isn't  about hoarding.  I think the the word stocking has taken on a bad name because of the EXTREME shows lately.   The operative word there is extreme.  I only keep enough to last us through an emergency, or enough to maintain stock between sales.  There is a real comfort in knowing you have food and done have to go to the store if you aren't in the mood.   I have fallen twice since October.  One time I landed on my face on the cement,  it was almost Halloween  and I was ready for a part on a horror film! LOL. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the store.  The last time, 15 years ago, that I was ncapacitated and sent my husband for a weeks worth of groceries, he came back with 2 pomegranates and a case of beer.   LOL.   I sent my then college age daughter and her boyfriend.

If you only have three hundred dollars to feed your family, it only makes sense to get SIX hundred dollars worth of good food ( no junk) for your three hundred dollars.   You  eat better, and have a pantry .  No child should have to suffer the insecurity if having no food on the house to eat.  They have enough growing up that they don't need to wonder where the next meal is coming from.   That's too much to put on a child.  Especially when some work and education can help you stretch the money you do have.   Think of it as the miracle of the loaves and fishes!    LOL oh! how many tomes when I was single did I pray for that!  

Grocery prices are going up, especially in the meat department.  Vegetables are coming in now and can help offset the total bill.   Groceries are probably the most expensive discressionary income outlay you have.   It just makes sense to cut your costs of you can without sacrificing good food.
That leaves some money for something else like savings or a much needed vacation.

 I shouldn't have to sell this.  To me it's a no Brainer.  A fact of life I have dealt with my entire life.

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