Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday madness

Good  Morning

I did go to the store yesterday.   I made a quick trip to the neighbourhood grocery store and drug store.   They had the best buys.  I only hot one store this week.  

There is a coupon in Sundays paper for .50 off of cascade dishwasher detergent and one for a buck off toothpaste.   I got toothpaste at Walgreens for a net of .50.  I think I'm up to four already.  ( it's been a month.  No, I'm not a hoarder, I buy toothpaste when I can get them for free or nearly free and take them to the women's shelter.   Many other places would gladly take toothpaste too.  It's an economical way to make a big impact.   I gave a hundred dollars worth of toothpaste last time and my total cash outlay before tax was about five  dollars.  

Also,at Walgreens, they had taco shells for 3/2.00.  That's a really good buy ( like half,) and they had a far out pull date.   They also had tomato and chicken noodle soup for .79, limit three amd I had a coupon to go with them for another .40 off.  

QFC netted two buy four and save fours.  I used my .50 coupon for dw detergent it was already marked half with the dollar discount, the. I got another .50 off.  My box is full again!  

I also got berries, ( blue, raspberry, and black) they are rich in antioxidants and a good breakfast addition.  

They had Alfredo and red sauce in jars for a buck.  We had linguine with shrimp and Alfredo sauce.  I didn't use peas because I don't have any at the moment and they wanted 1.69 for a small bag.   All I have is peas and corn together.  
Pizzas were four dollars as well.  
I did buy French fries, even though they weren't as cheap as I would have liked them to be.  

My stats weren't what the doctor wanted, so I guess I'm going to watch my carbs a bit better.   Summer os coming, so I can eat more salads.  

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