Sunday, April 13, 2014

Suddenly Sunday, the ads are coming.

My husband went to the dollar store to get the ads while he is running some other errands.   I did  go to SAFEWAYS yesterday,  just for some fruits and veggies.   I used a five dollar off twenty coupon and bought only the veggies that were on sale , some croissants that were on sale and ice cream .  I got Safeway ice cream low carb--really low carb for 2.50.  I am.anxious to see of ot tastes good.   Just for you sometimes has good buys.  Sometimes not.  Again, the best tool you can have when grocery shopping on the cheap is to KNOW YOUR PRICES.

My mother used to say some people wouldn't know a bargain if it got up and bit them in the butt.   Don't be that person.  That doesn't mean you have to act on everything you see on sale, it means you have to recognize what is a good buy and act of you need that item.
Yesterday, blue cheese dressing was BOGO.  I had a dollar off coupon as well.  Some places ( Walgreens) will let you use two coupons for a BOGO, but SAFEWAYS and most other stores will not. ( in my experience).  I got two blue cheese dressings for three dollars.   I would have liked free, but I didn't want to wait until hell froze over.   LOL

Knowing your prices works no matter where you live or what budget you are on.   So does using all you have and incorporating anything that needs to be eaten soon onto your meals.  Another trick is to place like kimds of things on certain places in the fridge so that things don't get stuck in the back and forgotten.  If all the leftovers are on one shelf, you are more likely to see them and use them for lunch. I am finding that the strawberries are beautiful in the store, but we need to eat the, in the next day or so or they don't hold up.

Another trick I have found to be useful is to have some meals in my plan that can be made fast and easy.  It's easy for me to get I to a project that needs to be done and not have time to get a large dinner on the table.   I am prepping for some new project in my studio and lost track of time yesterday.  The daughter and granddaughter were out with friends and gramps was busy with the ball game.

More when I get the ads!

Coupons worth looking at thos time.  Lightbulbs, pizza, toothpaste, coffee pods, salad dressing, sausage and potatoes, there are two smart source in the paper.  

Fred Meyers

Ham 1.88
Strawberries 1.68
Butter 2/4@@

Pie 3.99
Barilla pasta 1.00 $$
1/2 loin 2.49

Peanut butter- 1.88
Best foods 2/5@@
Canned veggies 2/1@@
Dreyers 2/5@@
Starbucks 5.99@@( coffee pods)$$ 1.50 off with coupon in today's paper.  

Eggs .99
Digiorno  2/10$$
 Jello 2/1@@
Soup .99$$ @@
Sour crea, .99@@
Chicken of the sea .79@@

That's about all.

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