Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Madness

It's Monday. Just in case you didn't  know!  LOL.  

I suspect a lot of families will be eating  eggs this  week.  Hard cookes eggs are good as deviled eggs and as egg salad and in potato salad.   Although my SIL makes  a wonderful German potato salad that calls for no eggs and is real yummy.   Just remember not to use eggs that have been left out too long.  
We hid  plastic eggs for the children.  

Fred Meyers has chicken for a buck.   It is northwest grown .   They also have oranges for .68.  Orang chicken is really good.   I put oranges on the cavity and sometimes slice it thin and out it under the skin.  

I hear that there will be a coffee shortage.  Does anyone remember the coffee shortage of the late seventies?   We had a coffee that was cut with chicory.   I am NOT suggesting hoarding, but I'm going to get a second can ahead.   Personally, while the doc says for me to drink four cups a day. I still only drink one or two.

Walgreens has it for 5.99.  We have k cups that you fill from regular coffee.   I get two cups on a pod.
Again, don't wait days between pods.   LOL

Walgreens has clams for .89.  We love clam chowder, clam fettuccini , and I once saw a recipe for clam cakes.

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Who remembers the coffee shortage of the late seventies and what did you do to compensate!  

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