Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday ads - 4/27/2014

I have the ads finally.  

Fred Meyers

Pot roast 3.48**
20 percent ground beef 2.98**
Strawberries 2/3.49  (lbs)
Brocolli or cauli .99
Radishes 2/79
Organic berries 2/6
90 percent ground beef 4.98**

Tomatoes or veggies 2/1@@
Freshetta 2/9@@

**note the price differential between the 20 percent fat hamburger and the 10 percent hamburger.
The way to tell of the proce is better is to take the proce of the hamburger and multiply it by 1.xx. Xx is the percentage of fat.  

4.99 times 1.10 is about 5.50
2.99 times 1.20 is about 3.60
Making your own from a pot roast is price less!    Sorry, couldn't pass that one up!  Actually it is cheaper than good hamburger and probably less fat because you can control the fat.   If you choose to use the 20 percent fat, use ot for sloppy joes, taco meat or in red sauce.  Then you can. Defat it.
Defatting reduces you fat by about 17 percent.

Fry the meat until no longer pink.
Drain in a colander.  If you don't want the fat to go down your brain, set the colander over a bowl or pan.
Next, boil water and pour boiling water over the meat.  Stor so that the water gets over all of it.
Drain and place back into the pan with seasonings.   Add water if necessary.

If you are the last person on the earth that doesn't have a Keurig, they are 70.00 at Bartells.   You can get cups that use regular coffee.   And are reuseable.


Colgate toothpaste
With register rewards and coupon in paper net .50
Tomato soup .79$$
Spam 2.00$$

That's about it.  

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