Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

I finally got to Fred Meyers and Walgreens yesterday.  It was a busy weekend and I had to work on some projects.   A lot of things at Walgreens are gone, but I did get one can of olives and some Kleenex and a coffee.

Fred Meyers had veggies for good prices and dairy was cheap.   Chicken was a buck.  
Big lots had olives cheap and a pizza crust and recipe starter for .50.  That is cheaper than scratch in some cases.  They had cheese.  I haven't used that yet.  I usually use basil or garlic and add cheese.  

I do t really need to shop next week.  I will post the ads for others.  

Shopping wisely and knowing prices is your best tool to live on a strict budget.  No matter what your budget is not having a plan can jack up your food bill.  

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