Friday, March 27, 2015


Today we went to ALBERTSONS. I spent less than  twenty dollars and got mostly canned goods that were real food.   My husband picked up a can of enchalada sauce for me when I didn't have time to make ot from scratch.    It was 2.59.    ALBERTSONS had it for .50.    We had chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight. I just used black beans instead of chicken for the girls.   .
The tomato sauce that os 1.50 at Haggens was a quarter.    I got a cucumber, but they had no lettuce.
Bite sized muffins ( 11 carbs) were BOGO.

I have  averaged seventy five dollars a week for the past quarter.    That is somewhat below the thrifty figure for my,husband and I and we supplement the girls.

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