Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coupon mania!

I just went to QFC.    My object was to get real food for the least amount I could.  It's  a game.  
My savings were 56 percent and I bought a bag if Easter grass for granddaughters Easter baskets for her class.  

I made baskets complete with Minnie Mouse and egg stickers and I have grass, chocolate that looks like carrots, plastic Easter eggs with candy eggs to fill them and a magnifying glass.   I didn't want to get them erasers, they might think they were candy and they are too young and I thought the teacher might kill me if I bought them my first choice which was whistles.  

I digress.  

I got 4 barilla pastas, 2 orzo and 2 white fiber shells. .69 and used two .55 coupons.  
I got 2 butters marked 5.29 for 1.99 each
I got two cheese goldfish packages ( great for on soup or instead of croutons on salad.  .99
I got two ore- Ida frozen potato packages for 2.49 and used a dollar coupon.  

That totaled my ten units.  

I am not by any means an extreme couponer.  But, I only buy what we will use and I don't spend forty hours a week doing it.    My tally for the first three months this  year is 75.00 a week assuming that there are 4.0 weeks in a month.  That's for four of us and I have a stock built.   We didn't eat 75.00 a week.  

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