Sunday, March 29, 2015

The scoop on grocery stores in the area.

Ok.  Here is the latest.    Hagens bought out SAFEWAYS and ALBERTSONS.   Some of the SAFEWAYS  were turned into Hagens.  Some ALBERTSONS have become SAFEWAYS, and some SAFEWAYS and ALBERTSONS are left as they were.   Bottom line is that we have two companies controlling the chain stores.   Hagens and Kroger.  Winco is another.   They are not in our area, I think everett is the closest and we are hoping for one in Edmonds.   The location is convenient for the group of small towns in our area, , Shoreline, Edmomds, Mountkake Terrace and Lynnwood.

Then  we have the off price stores like big Lots, and grocery outlet.  They are not full service grocery stores, but have good buys on real food.   Warehouse stores , Costco and SAMs club.  .    And, what I'll call the princess stores, trader joes, whole foods, PCC -- for those with discerning taste , a appetite for speciality foods, and a whole lot of money to spend.  

The basis of this blog is supposed to be feeding nutritious food to families that have or want to feed their families on a budget.   Therefore, I deal mainly with the chain stores and off price  stores.

Fred Meyer ads
ham. 1.77
Butter 2/4@@
Strawberries 1.88
Dryers 2/5@@
Starbucks k cups 5.99@@$$
Sour cream, cottage cheese .99@@
4 lbs sugar 3/5@@
Best Foods 2/5@@
Fred Meyer vegetables .59
Fm frozen veggies .79@@
Cream od mushroom soup .79@@
Pie 2.99
Oranges .79

Smart source has a dollar off cheese coupon.
A dollar off any boxed potatoes--Betty Crocker
.50 off maxwell house coffee
1.00 off 2  Ore-Ida potatoes - I'm noting the buy 10 save five at QFC.

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