Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fred Meyers.

There was some discussion on Facebook about grocery stores.   The newspaper was discussing the difference between whole foods milk and safeways milk, safeways was more expensive.   This milk was six dollars a gallon.   I am comvinced that people with six figure salaries can afford food from those kinds of stores.   The rest of us would like to have a roof over our heads and clothes in our backs too.   LOL.   The discussion changed to the most expensive and the cheapest stores.   The Everett herald some years ago made up a typical grocery basket list.   Then they sent people out to price the list at chain grocery stores.   At the time qfc and Fred Meyers were owned by separate companies.   qfc was the most expensive and Fred Meyers was the cheapest.    Now I would love to do that experiment, but don't have the manpower.   My best guess would be that Haggens is the most expensive and Winco would be the cheapest.   Safeways used to be my go to grocery store, but things changed when Haggens took over.    I, convinced they are slowly merging the two stores.   it will be interesting to see the end result.  

Fred Meyers ad

Stone fruits are .99 ( plums, nectarines, peaches
Butter 1.69@@limit 2
Cheese 4.99@@ limit 2
Cheerios. 1.49 @@$$ limit 4. Nets a buck with coupons
Foster farms grill pack .99 ( note :  only one time in five have I found grill packs when they were advertised.)

The coupons this week are good.   Werthers original candy ismamdollar off two.   They are at the dollar tree.   Also. There is a coupon for soup.   I think it is at the dollar store too.   There are name brand foods at the dollar store.    Anything with a six in the start of the bar code is from China.    Dollar store has a limit per transaction in coupons,  I think it is four.   When you score a match up, it is usually a good price .  The dollar store is already a bargain in most cases, and add a coupon, it's really a bargain,   So,e things, however, are more expensive than a grocery store sale price.   It still boils down to know your prices.  I have the handful of staples we buy memorized.   But, numbers come naturally for me, I was an accountant for years.   Many people use a price book, either a small notebook they can carry with them, for a spread sheet in the computer.    My tablet has a spreadsheet.

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