Monday, September 28, 2015

Sausage and hamburger bulk.

One way to stretch a dollar is to buy sausage and meat in bulk.  This time I only bought two pounds of ground beef at Fred Meyers for 3.99 a pound. I also bought three pounds ofmjimmymdean sausage for 7.99 at Costco.   It is 4.99 a pound elsewhere.    A HUGE savings.  

I sliced off four sausage patties and fried and defatted the rest of the sausage.   One ,eat is sausage and egg breakfast for dinner and the rest can be used in pasta sauce. Quiche. Pizza, vegetable bean soup.  Probably 9 meals.  

The hamburger I made two hamburger patties and made a meat loaf with the rest.   3 meals.  

Total 12 meals
Sixteen dollars
1.34 a meal.  

Meat loaf : add eggs, homemade bread crumbs, 2 T catsup, onion, garlic, Italian seasoning 

Sausage ready for freezer , date with marker ( dollar tree) 

Defeat sausage , cook, drain, pour boiling water, drain.    

Hamburger patties, with cereal liner I between.  

Fried sausage before de-fatting 

Pics aren't in order, I don't know what I did when. Downloaded. Sorry.   I set aside enough meat for patties, cooked and de-fatted the sausage, and made a meat loaf.   Cooking both on batches saves a lot of time and space on the freezer.   ( you can store things flat) 

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