Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meal plans, why bother

Lots of feed back.... why bother with meal plans,.fly by the sear of our pants....I may not feel like eating that that particular day.  

Meal plans are just that..a plan.   Plans can change.   It's a starting point.   They are good because ....

  • They keep you balanced.   I started to wrote plans the other day and looked at them more carefully....I had way too much processed food.    Time for a re-write.   I try for no more than once a week.    Processed food see not popular with the foodies, so they are some of the more reasonable foods in the store.  
  • I try for two dollar a pound average for protein.  It would be real easy not to have a variety of meals.  
  • Making a plan and a list of things that need to be used up saves money by not wasting food and you don't have to eat the same thing three days in a row.  
  • Having some meals planned that are quick and efficient will stave off the fast food gremlins when you day isn't going as planned!    
  • Posting meals should keep family members from eating the rice you pre made for tonight's dinner.  lol
  • It takes away the " what's for dinner" delima at four in the afternoon.   I'd rather be taking a nap!    ... Really!    

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