Friday, September 11, 2015

The ads

Rather disappointing ads this week.   That being said I don't need to buy anything but ice cream, and it's on sale and its my favorite brand!    SCORE!

Being flexible goes a long ways in doing groceries on the cheap.  

Haggens is filing for bankruptcy.   The way they raised prices doesn't surprise me, but apparently or stems more from the circumstances around purchasing ALBERTSONS and SAFEWAYS.   I think they are working towards combining the two stores.  Their ads are looking more and more alike.   The prices have made a remarkable increase, and I, not liking that two companies control most of the chain stores and the lack of competition.    The shopper looses in that scenario.    We do have WINCO coming in and they are advertising for workers, so it must be sooner than expected !   And,mothers is Costco, grocery outlet, the dollar store ( for a select few things ) and big lots.

2 week ad until 9/15

Beef chuck or eye of round roast 3.99
2 lbs carrots .89
Red potatoes -5 lbs 2,00
Johnsonville brats 1.99
Re fried beans .79
Fiona paper towels 2.99$$
Cheese 4.99
Tillamook ice cream 2,99

Buy 5, save 5
Net prices
Ore idea frozen potatoes 1.99
Oatmeal, 1.88
Cookies 1.99

Freschetta  pizza 4.99@@

Tillamook sale
Buy 10.00
2 lbs cheese 6.99
Yogurt 20/10
Sour cream 5/8
Sliced, shredded cheese 3/10
Ice cream 3/10
Ice cream bars 3/10
Sliced cheese 2/10

Cantaloupe 2/cucumbers, bell peppers 1.00


Chicken .99
Broccoli, tomatoes .99
Milk 4/5

Buy 5, save 5

Freschetta 4.99
Apple juice .99
Klondike bars 2.49


Five dollar Friday
Johnsonville dinner sausage
Chicken strips FF
Cheese -2 lbs
Digiorno pizza
Angel soft tissue $$

Can't elope 2/5
Cucumbers, green pepper 1.00

Bs brownie mix 1.00

That's about it.

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