Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The ads

I basically shopped at the dollar tree and Costco this week.   Today we went to Costco and got the months worth of dairy and a few staples ( olive oil, etc. ) and of course, bananas and sausage.    The dollar store is good these days for cookies, coffee pods, and pasta sauce.  Hunts sauce has an in store coupon that makes it .75.  That is the lowest it has been  for some time.  

There was no QFC ad this week.  

 HAggens - two weeks,

Friday- Sunday
Potatoes -5 lbs .89
Parm bogo. - hard to tell if it's a bargain w/o cost.

Week coupon
Bread 1.69
Goldfish 1.00
Ice drink 2/1
Tillamook cheese 5.99

Chicken soup 1.09 ***** Safeways .79
Klondike bars  3.99***.  Safeways 2.99 just for u

Now, the dual companies .....LOL

Dijourno 5.00
Mission tortilla chips 1.49

.80 when u buy 10
Pasta sauce
Retried beans
Snack pack,
BBQ sauce

Notes:   Diced tomatoes and beans are .50 at Fred Meyers , pasta sauce ism.75 at the dollar store with in store coupon.( buy 4) Retried beans are as cheap all the time at Costco.

Five dollar frenzie
Tri tip roast

Jimmy dean sausage 4.99 lb ( about half that at Costco)
Soup .79@@
Kraft dressing 1.49@@
Shrimp 3.99@@
Dijourno 4.99@@
Stag chili .99@@
Folders 6.99
Tomatoes .99

Safeways has the same ad for .80 when u buy 10

That's about all.

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