Monday, May 30, 2016

Fred Meyers

We needed a dairy run.   The last time milk was a dollar at FM , we bought 2 gallons.   We had a quart left.   I got 2 more gallons and some berries and ice cream.    I have be n watching food prep and grocery hauls.   Trying to beef up my culinary skills and make more from scratch.    My goal is to  cut the grocery bill some more and have healthier meals , and be efficient at it too.    I am thinking the pressure  cooker might be an asset in this endeavor.  

I like preping in the morning for the evening meal.    My evening I am not feeling the ambition I have in the morning.    This staves off the drive through demons and makes for a more efficient dinner-- especially when I have to adapt for a vegetarian.

My dad always said the more you do, the more you want to do.   Always keep growing.    

Tonight we were home alone and we just had leftovers.   Waste not.  want not .

I watched a lady prep for her week.   She broke down her meal plan and chopped amd prepped anything she could for the week.  Another lady put plastic shoe boxes in her fridge with each day's ingredients.  I'm not quite that ambitious. But it would help someone that has te ms that are dinner before you can make dinner or of you work late and have to get dinner in a hurry or have a teen or other family member start dinner.

Even something  as simple as washing my your greens for salad and Pittsburgh not the, in a bowl with a dry paper towel is a good way to cut time in the kitchen at dinner time.  

I like the idea of making a bunch of salads in the summer time and rotating a grill or other easy entre protein.    You just replenish or add a salad as the week progresses.   It keeps you out of a hot kitchen.
Hamburgers or black bean burgers, chicken skewers, hot dogs, a steak of you are lucky enough to find a sale.

Using a crock pot or pressure cooker makes dinner easy and keeps the kitchen cool.

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