Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time or money?

I just saw a u tube that said you can save time, or you can save money.    No, you can save time AND money.    It all about balance.    Now, what else would you expect a libra to say!     LOL.  

Just like housework, if you can stop for a minute and say to yourself...what comes first....what can I do that will do itself , while I do something else.   What takes the longest to cook.   And then move forward from there.    That's why one pot meals are so popular .  You can get on and out of the kitchen fast.   I like things that pretty much cook themselves......the only thing better is the things my husband cooks.

Today, we decoded to get out of the house and try to find a few things I saw on a u tube from the dollar store.   I didn't find the princess castle , but I did find an adult coloring book -  they sell for seven dollars elsewhere and are supposed to help your brain and help you to d stress.    Also found the elf eye shadow base I was looking for.    I also found pound cake for our strawberry shortcake for our picnic dinner.  

Grocery outlet netted crescent rolls and sliced cheese .   Crescent rolls we will have for dinner tomorrow.  

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