Saturday, May 28, 2016

Grocery outlet and dollar tree,

Grocery outlet

Honey roasted peanut butter .99
Spaghetti, (red sauce) 1 liter bag .50
Watermelon .99
Sweet peppers (5) 2.99

Total 5.47

Dollar tree
Snyders pretzels
Pizza crust
Muffin mix , Fleishmann's Greek yogurt
Muffin mix

Total 4.00
I also bought  meisenplas bowls 4/1 .  Glass.  

Total 10.47.  

Most of that was not stock items.  

Know your prices.   I only bought things we n ended that were a bargain.   I can see the sweet red sauce with meatballs, pineapple, and some of the peppers over rice.  

Knowing my husband and I are on our own one night, I bought individual pizza crusts .  

Name brand pretzels are always a bargain at a buck.   A good inexpensive snack.   Add some hummus.

The muffins are yummy and have added calcium.  

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